Wanton For The Alpha
Wanton For The Alpha
Author: Gina Stanley


"What are you doing here?" Lucian asked with disdain, one would think he wasn't pleased to see his best friends.

"This right here, is why we are the only ones who can stand your ass." Dustin the tallest of them said.

Two plopped on his office couch while Dustin took the seat directly opposite Lucian's. He lifted his legs and gently placed them on the office table. Lucian growled baring his teeth, they transformed a little to show fangs as his teeth tripled in size.

"Easy wolf," Dustin chuckled, taking his legs off the table. Lucian's fangs easily transformed back and Dustin couldn't help his smile. No matter how many times he saw it was always amazing to watch. 

This was what set aside the royal family from the rest of the werewolves, the ability to transform whatever part of their body whenever and however they wanted. There was yet to be a limit and they could hold this form for as long as they wanted. However, other werewolves had to transform fully or not at all.

"So, to what do I owe this August visit?" Lucian asked with his eyes glued to his personal computer as he tapped and clicked away.

"Apparently, the King wants your presence at the meeting," Grady said. He was blond with pretty eyes, worthy of being a model, he was the most handsome of their group. 

Lucian froze, his fingers on the keyboard stilled. Gently he raised his head to look at them and the air sizzled. "His big idea is to ask my PACK to come get me. What happened to my pack, my freaking rules?"

"It is non-negotiable," Tolvar spoke softly. He was the calm member of their group. The only one who seemed to get to Lucian.

Lucian sighed, "But he promised to stay out of my business like he would leave me out of his."

"The elders are coming," Tolvar announced ever so gently even though the words he spoke were equivalent to a bomb going off.

"The elders? What do they want?" Lucian asked sternly. 

"I don't know, nobody knows but your presence is of utmost importance."

Lucian growled again, he hated castle business and he hated that no matter how far away he went, they always found a way to pull him into their business. "When is it?" He hated that he couldn't fight his way out of this, his father was one thing but nobody went against the elders even his father wouldn't be able to protect him.

"In a week," Dustin muttered and braced himself. There was no doubt that Lucian would not like his response.

"A week! I get a week. Unlike the King," Lucina yelled with disgust, making air quotes with his fingers. "I have a business to run. I just can't up and leave in a week."

"I am sure you can Lucian, your business would not come down just because you left in a week," Grady smirked, obviously enjoying Lucian's discomfort.

"Don't patronize me, Grady!" Turning to Dustin and Tolvar he asked, "How long would I be away for?"

They all glared at him, "We are just the messengers, don't bloody interrogate us." Dustin said, smiling. "Take it up with your father or better still, the elders."

"Whatever, I have to get the jet ready in time." He muttered returning to work as he once again hurriedly typed across the keyboard.

"You?" Grady asked with a frown.

"Speaking of which," Dustin interrupted. "Where in heavens' name is your secretary or is she your personal assistant? I can never decide what you call them."  

"I fired her," Lucian replied nonchalantly like it was a regular occurrence and indeed it was.

"You what?" They chorused. "I thought you said last time was going to be the last time," Tolvar added.

"I say that every time."

"Don't announce like it is something you should be proud about. Why did you fire her?" Dustin asked.

"She became a thorn in my ass." They waited for more explanation but that was obviously what they were going to get.

"So, you fired her?" Grady asked.

"Are you saying I shouldn't have?" Lucian asked, raising his eyes from his computer to intensely stare at Grady.

"Not particularly but if I'm not wrong you hired her less than two weeks ago. That's the fifth one in less than four months. See what I am trying to hint at here?" Grady asked dryly.

"Did you sleep with her?" Tolvar asked with disgust. He never could understand the concept of a fling. If love wasn't involved, he just couldn't.

"Like you have to ask?" Dustin spun on the seat to look at Tolvar.

"I am a playboy, don't act self-righteous in my case, we all know Dustin is worse." Lucian defended feeling a little embarrassed. He hated talking about his sexual life. He couldn't help his sexual prowess but sticking to one woman just wasn't his style. He didn't believe finding a mate for life was plausible.

"At least I don't mess around with my employees, you have no boundaries, no limit. Don't think you can judge me." As Dustin spoke, he turned around to face Lucian.

"Well I can't help it and I do have a thing for sexy ladies." Lucian defended.

"Are you even listening to yourself?" Tolvar yelled, he was getting pissed off.

"Whose fault is that?" Grady asked, waving a lock of hair away from his eyes. "That's who you always freaking hire every time. The bigger their boobs, the better for Lu."

"Hey! Don't judge, the last thing I need is a lesson from you. I already learned my lesson, I don't need your input. The two million I lost to compensate her was enough lesson." That wasn't the real lesson. He didn't have to pay her a dime.

Dustin rolled his eyes, "Why then do you sound so pissed? It wasn't like it made a dent in your income."

"Yeah but still I felt cheated."

"Cheated? I am sure it is the other way around." Tolvar rolled his eyes.

"How soon would you hire someone else?" Dustin asked suddenly to change the mood.

"Soon enough, I already picked a date for the interview. You don't have to sound so worried about me. It's just a personal assistant, I am sure I can cope without one for a few days without one."

"Yeah right," they said simultaneously.

Lucian was sick of the whole routine, especially now that his business was at its peak. Expanding was a lot harder than it seemed. He needed an assistant who could be on her best at all times. Not one who wanted to ruin his business simply because he wasn't interested anymore.

He knew he could do better and not hit on them but it was usually them doing the hitting, he just went along and tended to detach whenever he got bored but they usually never understood. 

Shuffling between assistants between months was beginning to take its toll on him. He was determined to not let it happen again. He was sick of it. Never again.

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