Lucian was on a short fuse. He was exceedingly irritated. The lady in front of him was leaning too forward, her bosom was on his table in full view. It was like she was offering a dish and one thing was certain, he didn't like what he saw.

She didn't even try to hide her intention as if he couldn't already smell it. He felt like sneezing. The instant she had walked through the door, he knew exactly what she wanted and she didn't hide it.

She had swayed her way to the seat, moving her hips a little too hard that Lucian was worried she would break something. She finally sat down as noisily as possible, vibrating every inch of her body. 

If it wasn't that he was in a dire need of a proper assistant he would have taken her offer. Not that he was interested but basically his mind interpreted it as free food and for some f*cked up reason he couldn't say no.

How much longer would he have to deal with this? He didn't blame her for her actions, his methods preceded him. Normally, he would have hired her immediately, or worse off he would not have gotten to her, he usually made his decision by the third applicant.

The bigger bosoms often came in first. He ran his hand through his hair, he was certain there were blisters on his scalp. This was the umpteenth time he would forcefully run his hand through his head, he wondered how much longer he would last.

"Thank you," he muttered stiffly, glad this was over. "We would contact you through your email. You may leave."

"Oh, okay." She said stupidly but Lucian knew she wasn't stupid, this tactic probably worked for her often but Lucian just found it dumb.

She didn't just stand up to leave, rather she took her time to do so and Lucian had to painfully watch.

He could have ordered someone else to do the interview but this was a task he could trust no one to do. He liked to think he was great at reading people and choosing what was best for him even though recently his libido had more say in the matter but still this was a task he believed only he could do and do well.

She jiggled them as she stood to her full height, obviously proud of them. Then she slowly made her way to the door, once again swaying her hips in that manner that Lucian fears for her. She didn't stop there, she turned to look at him just before she slid out the door. He would have sworn she blew him a kiss.

Andrea watched with wide eyes as the lady that had just stepped in came out less than five minutes later. Nobody spent longer than that, she didn't think she had ever since a faster interview. That wasn't what she thought of as she stared at the lady who quietly made her way out.

Andrea had stared when she sat across her, her hefty front made Andrea think it can't be real, and then going on to check her flat chest, she recoiled and tried to think of happier things. Although she could not wait for her turn, she was very nervous.

Andrea almost jumped to her feet when her turn came. She walked with purpose, taking each step with precision. Her first thought was to knock but the nice lady that had handed the form said to go in once the person before was out.

She knocked twice and opened the door. She closed it behind her while still keeping her head down and careful. She almost yelped at the sight before her. 

Lucian Lyc! She almost screamed. What was the CEO of LLC doing here? She never heard of CEOs interviewing. Even though she was going to work for him,— well, that's if she got picked —the last person she expected to see was him.

She walked towards him with unsure feet, sizing him up and wondering what to think about him. He wasn't what she had imagined, he was bigger, meaner, and scarier. 

"Take a seat," he said when she got close enough.

Lucian felt himself brighten up as she walked into the room, for the first time since he started the interview he could breathe easily. He could tell she didn't feel as relieved as he was, she had looked surprised to see him, he wondered why.

She was all jittery because of that but he could tell that she was already calm and for some reason, he felt good about this particular interview. He could tell his mind was made up and he didn't even know her name.

"Andrea…" She cleared her throat. "Andrea Simone."

Lucian's brows dipped, he couldn't help but react to her unusual surname. "Andrea," Lucian drawled. "Do you have any experience working as a personal assistant?" 

Andrea jerked at the informal way he addressed her, she wasn't ready for it. She still had not gotten over the fact that she was actually talking to the CEO. She quickly composed herself and answered the question as best as she could.

"Sort of, I used to work as the secretary in my last place of work."

"Says here that you were let go." He replied, studying her.

She adjusted, "Yes, um the company ran into financial issues and went under. Under new management, most of the old employees were let go and obviously me." Stop talking! She yelled at herself as she willed herself to say what she needed to, not what she thought about.

"How many days a week can you work?" He asked, leaning against his chair as he stared. He found her glasses annoying, they wouldn't let him see her eye color.

"How many days a week do you need me to work for?" She asked and he giggled. She thought he sounded quite lovely.

"Mostly Monday to Friday but there might be exceptions." He replied matter-of-factly. "And don't worry you will be compensated."

Andrea was about to do a little dance in her head when she realized he had not hired her yet. "Does that mean I've got the job?"

He squinted and Andrea wondered if she had pissed him off. "Slow down, we aren't even halfway through. How free are you to travel?"

"Like out of the country?" She asked stupidly. She has only left the country twice and both times it was on business trips.

"Yes but not limited to." He answered softly. For the first time since the interview started, there wasn't bosom in his face, he was feeling quite tolerant.

"Yes," she answered a little too quickly and then realized that wasn't the right answer. "I mean very free."

It was hard not to laugh but he imagined it would only increase her discomfort. "Do you have a working passport?" He asked.

All these were formalities but he felt the need to do them himself. He was going to be flying out a lot. He asked a few questions before finally telling her she got the job. His delay didn't stifle her excitement and he could tell she was doing everything possible not to scream out.

"I would send all you need to know and a contract you should go through and sign. You are to start on Monday, do sign the documents before then, you may leave." He replied.

"Thank you," she replied and stood up.

Just before she reached the door, Lucian called out, "Do tell me if you can't make it on Monday."

She nodded and closed the door. There was no way in hell she would not make it on Monday. She took out her phone immediately and dialed Tracy. She did not pick but Andrea wasn't giving up. She tried again, this time Tracy picked on the second ring.

"I got the job!" She screamed in her best friend's ear.

"Really? Yippee!" Tracy yelled with her. "That is amazing. When do you start?"

"Monday," she replied.

"Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about. We are definitely celebrating this night, I get the day off tomorrow." She cheered.

"I can't believe you had the guts to tell me to spend less and now you're talking about partying." Andrea scolded, rolling her eyes.

"Don't be so stiff, drinks are on me."  

"Well, who am I to say no to free drinking?" She returned.

"Alright babe, I have got to go. I will see you in a few hours, muah muah!" The line went off.

Andrea smiled to herself as she got out of the elevator, she felt relieved. That was when she realized that they had not discussed her pay. Maybe it would be in the contract, she thought. She wondered what it entailed. 

She would be lying if she said she didn't know about Lucian Lyc's reputation. Tracy had given her quite the gist, one of the reasons Tracy had been reluctant about her going for the interview but now that she saw him up close and personal, she didn't think he was the monster everybody thought he was. She thought he was nice and could not help but wonder what working for him would be like.

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