Andrea got the email that night, however, she didn't see it until the next morning. No thanks to the fact that she and Tracy had been partying most of the night away drinking and dancing. The activities from the night before had left her with a groggy headache and an increased sensitivity to light.

She had kept the drapes down and as she opened them, she wished she had not. Dropping them almost immediately like it had burnt her, led her to roam around the dimly lit room, the bulbs were not an option. 

Finally, her eyes adjusted and she didn't have to stagger around. Breakfast was her first agenda even though her head was banging like she was hit by a train, her growling stomach was something she could not ignore.

She stepped into the kitchen, it was the second smallest room in her little apartment, about half the size of her bed. Aware of the size she tried to make it as spacious as possible. Everything was always in place, it was the one habit she couldn't break. She liked to keep it that way.

With no energy to cook anything she put some leftovers into the microwave while she waited for her meal to get hot, she got the coffee ready.

A cup was all she needed but she made more just in case she wanted some later on. She blew into the hot cup still standing on her feet. See quickly added milk and about three cubes of sugar.

When the coffee was ready her first thought was to gulp but she couldn't dare not with the steam that floated on top. She sipped and somehow managed to get some on her dress. "Ugh!" She yelled.

"Why was Mikey in my bed?!" Tracy yelled coming into the kitchen. She held the fat cat who looked very happy to be held. Tracy had slept in the guest room.

"What did you expect? He likes you." Andrea replied, taking another sip.

"Tsk, I don't like cats. Mikey is the only one I can stand." She carefully placed the cat on the table. Andrea had taken a seat by the table and placed the coffee cup on it. She quickly joined Andrea. "Where is mine?" She asked, smiling brightly.

Andrea glared at her and pointed to the coffee maker. "You know where to get it."

Tracy rolled her eyes but walked to the coffee cup. "I am starving. What's to eat?" She asked, eyeing the microwave that just stopped with a loud ting.

"I didn't think you would be awake by now. You are going to have to make yours." Andrea said but Tracy didn't answer rather she poured out her cup and sipped leaning her back against the counter.

"Ahh!" She called out smacking her lips. "It is amusing how you make good coffee, I just can't get over it." As she spoke she placed the cup on the counter and walked closer to the microwave pulling it open.

"What are you doing?" Andrea asked, getting to her feet.

"What does it look like? I am getting breakfast." She replied with a grin that Andrea wanted to wipe off.

Andrea sighed and sat back down. There was nothing she could do about it, Tracy had made up her mind. She waited, rolling her eyes. Tracy brought the steaming meal to the table, licking her lips as she stared at it.

"Don't drool on it, you big blob! Cutlery please," Andrea asked with a grin.

Tracy didn't even look pissed, she quickly picked two forks and placed them on the plate. She dug in first. "So," She started with her mouth full. "Any words from your new boss?"

"I haven't checked." She replied nonchalantly even though she couldn't wait to check her emails but she was starving.

"The hell? Aren't you a notch excited? I would have stayed up all night checking."

"We can do that after I finish eating, I am freaking starving and you just halved my ration," Andrea yelled, trying to eat as much as she could before Tracy finished it.

"Don't be so cranky, we can always order," Tracy said, biting the fork.

"How in heaven's name can you be so bright? I feel like a trailer hit me, I have a headache that makes my eyes sting." Andrea grumbled, clearing the last of the meal.

"We both know I handle alcohol better than you do." She stood up and washed the plate by the sink before returning.

"Whatever, I feel wrong. You shouldn't have let me drink so much last night." She placed her head on the table, moaning softly.

"There was no way I would have stopped you. You looked like you were having so much fun. Want some aspirin?" She asked softly, coming to touch Andrea's forehead. Andrea whacked her hand away. "Ow!"

"I am hungover, not feverish. The aspirin would do just fine, thank you."

Tracy scowled at her. "It's my fault I tried to help." She vigorously rubbed the area she had been hit being obviously overdramatic about the situation.

Andrea stood up to her feet, she put her hand through the space between Tracy's right hand and rested her arm on Tracy's hand. Tracy bent her elbow to support Andrea. "Let's go check that email."

"Oh, now you're ready to check it?"  Tracy asked with a smirk.

"I am dying to check it, I just needed to eat something first," Andrea explained.

"Should I order?" Tracy asked.

"Nah not yet, I only ate because I had to. The headache has closed up my stomach. I've got no freaking appetite." 

"Are you sure you are all right?" Tracy asked, Andrea could hear the concern in her voice.

"I am sure I will be fine. Aspirin is sure to do the trick." Andrea replied.

"If you insist, now let's go check the email." Tracy tugged and Andrea laughed.

"How do you even know if I have received it yet?"

"Well, how would we know if we don't check it." She grinned.

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