The boutique Andrea parked her car didn't seem too fancy but by the items on their mannequins, she was certain she would find what she was looking for. She walked up to the door, the sign said pull.

The first thing she noticed was the boutique was a lot bigger than she had expected, the outside did nothing to prepare her for the sight she was beholding. "How may I help you?" She heard a voice jolting her from her admiration of the store.

She turned to find a lady by the counter looking at her. The lady looked to be around her early twenties and had a look that was somewhere between a smile and scowl. A smile if one looked from her nose down and a scowl if one looked from her nose up.

"Um, a pair of pants please." She replied. Her eyes found themselves straying again as she looked at the clothes in the sections.

"Alright, Jenny!" She yelled. Andrea felt herself jerk in shock.

A timid petite girl ran out of the sections, she looked to be around the same age as the girl behind the counter. "Yes!" She answered with defiance and Andrea wondered if she was really as timid as she looked.

She then noticed Andrea, "Hi, good morning…" She looked like she wanted to add something but then her eyes fell on Andrea's pants and they widened beyond what Andrea thought them possible to. Jenny had small eyes.

"What the…! Right this way please," Jenny muttered hurriedly before Andrea could say anything. She wasn't complaining, she needed to be attended to as soon as possible if she wanted to make it to work on time.

The section Jenny led Andrea to had many pants on hangers, there were more than enough for her to choose from. "Would you like the same color as the one you currently have on?" Jenny asked, staring at Andrea with a sympathetic face.

"Yes, please if that's not too much trouble," Andrea replied but Jenny was already bringing out three pants very similar to hers. She had not even said her size.

"That's a nasty coffee stain." Jenny ventured, handing the selected pants to Andrea. "Size eight right?"

Andrea was thinking of a reply to the coffee stains but the shock of Jenny guessing her size spot on was too surprising for her to respond on time.

Jenny threw her head back and laughed. "Don't look so shocked, it's basically what I do for a living. Are these pants okay? Or would you prefer something else?"

"No, these are fine though I kind of just need one," Andrea replied.

"I know but I doubt the first one would be the perfect match so I added two more, just in case." Her smile was nice, she had diastema.

"Thanks. Where is the changing room?" Andrea asked, suddenly realizing that she did not have much time left.

"The first turn by your right," Jenny pointed and Andrea literally jogged there. She found the changing room and got in, thankfully it was empty. There was a huge mirror in it and it was the first thing she saw as she stepped in.

She tried the first pants and it was perfect, she almost laughed out loud. She rearranged her hair and tried to make her face look less terrifying. Her lipstick was almost non-existent and her blush had blended too much with her face. She wondered if she had wiped it off in a frenzy. 

There wasn't any blush but she was able to reapply her lipstick. Making sure nothing was out of place she walked out of the changing room with the extra two pairs of pants on her arm and her coffee-stained pants hidden somewhere in her bag. 

She couldn't find Jenny when she returned, so she quickly hung the extra pair of pants and walked to the counter. That was when she realized she didn't check the price tag.

She rolled her eyes at her and struggled with her pants to see the price. The lady behind the counter didn't even offer to help, just stared at her weirdly. Luckily for her, the boutique wasn't crowded as it was quite early. She paid for the pair of pants and fled, never looking back.

She started her car and the time came up, she had less than three minutes to get to work though it was just around the corner there was no doubt that she would get to work late. She growled and decided to take her time, rushing wouldn't help.

She drove into the parking lot just as the time showed eight. She opened the door and picked up the bag that she had placed on the passenger seat and that was when she noticed the coffee. 

She rolled her eyes and picked it, sucking the contents as hard as it was humanly possible to. She dropped the empty cup and breathed in deeply as she gasped for air. Getting herself together, she picked up her bag and got out of the door, closing the car with a loud bang.

She noticed other co-workers getting out of their cars too, she wondered if she could call them co-workers. A few eyed her strangely but most completely ignored her. She didn't let it bother her but held her head high as she walked with them.

They all walked through the revolving door but as she got through the door, she heard a voice. "Step aside ma'am," she turned to find the security guard staring directly at her.

He was coming closer as he spoke but Andrea couldn't see his face, he had on dark shades and she wondered who in their right minds would wear shades indoors. He had on black clothes that visibly showed security on them, one look, and Andrea knew the guard wouldn't have any problems hurling her out not with arms that looked to be the same size as both her thighs joined together.

"What?" She asked confused as to what this was all about. Her voice shook a little, she cleared it and tried to appear confident. It was a little hard as even with the shades covering his eyes she could tell he was glaring at her.

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