It has been over three months since she started working for Lucian and it has been her worst time ever. From cleaning after him to making sure he attended meetings, to getting rid of the numerous girls he never seemed to run out of. The only moments of peace she had ever gotten were the first days she started working when he wasn't around.

She sighed as she honked, barking curses at the driver who had abruptly stopped for no reason and she had almost hit him. He didn't even apologize as he drove away, flipping her off. "Ugh!" She yelled.

She should be in her office typing away as usual but no, here she was driving through the freaking highway because some maniac had refused to show up for a meeting they had single-handedly set up.

Less than five minutes to the meeting and she had not been able to reach him. His incompetence was annoying the hell out of her. It was funny his business had not gone under though she had to admit he was a great boss and was incredibly smart, however, he never went the extra mile unless it benefited his company and there was no doubt that this meeting didn't.

It was just a bunch of money-hungry investors who were only interested in what they could get out of him. He had agreed to the meeting out of a lot of pressure and by the looks of it, he was probably not going to show. She had to prevent that or he was going to piss off some really powerful people.

"Arrgh!" She cried as she drove up to his gate.

The security didn't ask too many questions, just let her in, this was one of her many trips. She remembered the first time she had been to his house. She had been amazed by the sight of it and now she prayed she wouldn't see it as often as she did.

It was the day he had returned from the trip and for some reason, he had been grumpy as hell, barking orders like some rabid dog and had made a fuss about her going to lunch without telling him.

He ended his monologue by telling her to close up for the day that she was coming with him. She had been excited thinking it was something important. Lucian Lyc was a very important man, she couldn't begin to imagine what he had in store for her.

She sighed loudly, she had not been able to imagine alright. The important business turned out to be his house. She had been so pissed she didn't know how to react. Apparently, his new housekeeper was quitting and he needed a new one and since she was his new personal assistant, it was her job to get him one.

It was hard to not go all gangster on him but she needed the job and the pay was fucking great. No way she was going to give up simply because he asked her to take care of his undies. 

He had ended up giving her a tour of the house, showing her a room that should be left untouched, she assumed it was his workroom or something. She had then had to give the same tour to the new housekeeper.

It was the third housekeeper she brought, she had to get rid of them because apparently, he didn't like their aura. What. The. Fuck.

Luckily for her, he seemed to like the third one well enough so she didn't have to interview a bunch of ladies again. The house keeper was a nice middle-aged woman, she looked to be in her late forties but her age was said to be forty-two.

Her name was Alicia and in less than two months, she had Lucian under her wing. She was literally like his mother and he often did whatever she asked. She kept wondering how she was the only one treated like shit.

The gate opened the reveal a huge pathway with trees on either side. It was a huge compound that was basically an estate but the houses weren't that many. She wasn't really acquainted with the occupants of the houses but she knew they were closely related to Lucian though she couldn't comprehend their relationship.

Lucian's house was the biggest of them and that was where she headed. She still gawk at the sight of it but today was not one of those days she had no time to stare. She walked into the house without any issue, Lucian had apparently given her the keys.

She rushed to the stairs, taking two at a time. She prayed he was on the first floor, making the trip through all those stairs to the topmost floor didn't sound appealing to her. She got to the door of his bedroom and pushed it open like swat.

The first thing she noticed was how dark it was. She clapped twice and the lights came on followed by a loud growl from Lucian. "What the hell?" He yelled, covering his eyes.

Andrea didn't react immediately, how could she? The sight in front of her was one she would pay top dollar for. A topless Lucian laid in bed in all his glory. His hand over his eyes but she still had a full view of his bed tousled hair. What she wouldn't give to run her hands through them.

As if he could read her thoughts, his hand fell and he caught her stare. Andrea felt her entire being shiver and she dropped her eyes down. "Who is this?" A tiny voice said, breaking the silence.

Andrea mentally and physically rolled her eyes. She raised her head to find a beautiful lady sticking out of the other side of the sheets. She was blond with bright blue eyes. Even though she was just waking up, it didn't hide how pretty she was.

Andrea felt her heart squeeze but she slapped herself. The last thing she would be is jealous of Lucian's bimbos. "Get your ass up!" She said to Lucian, ignoring the blond. This was the only few times she could talk to him like this. She discovered a long time ago that being nice to him wouldn't get her anywhere with him.

"No!" It was one word but Andrea knew he was very serious and if she was not careful he would really not show up to the meeting.

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