The bedroom, like all rooms in the house, was huge with an even bigger bed. Everything was in place, only the bed and a few littered clothes were the only things out of place.

Andrea tried hard not to think about the reason why clothes laid on the floor and tried to focus on the reason why she was in Lucian's house when should be having a peaceful time at the office, away from his antics.

"No?" She yelled back, her anger slightly sipping out. "You don't exactly have a choice in the matter. You're the one who set up the meeting, you can't just not show up."

"No, I don't want to. I am sure you can make an excuse as to my absence." He mumbled and rolled on his front, planting his head sideways against the bed as he tried to cover his eyes with his hand.

"Oh no, you don't. Get your ass up!" She repeated as she walked towards him.

She got to the right side of the bed and flipped the sheets off him. Big mistake. "Holy Shit!" She screamed as she came face to butt with his bare ass, her face reddened with embarrassment. She tried to cover him back up but his ass was already scorched in her brain.

"What the heck is going on?" The Blondie yelled out, the look of confusion on her face was priceless. 

"Language Andrea, I have a guest." He muttered. "Meet Carol, Carol meet…"

"Cassie," Blondie interrupted.

"What?" Asked Lucian.

"My name is Cassie, not Carol."

He squinted his eyes, obviously not comprehending what Cassie had just said. "I'm sure it's Carol."

Cassie/Carol stared daggers at him and if eyes could stab daggers Andrea was sure there would be one in Lucian's heart. "Are you saying I don't know my own name?" 

"I didn't say that…" He started to say but Andrea interrupted.

"Enough of this?" She yelled and walked to the other side.

"What the hell?" Yelled Cassie as Andrea pulled her out of the bed. The poor blond slipped out of the sheet stark naked, she clutched her bosom hiding them from view. 

It took Andrea everything not to react but this was nothing unusual and it wasn't like she was expecting something else to have happened underneath the sheets. 

She instantly felt sorry for the lady and tried to make this less embarrassing. She couldn't imagine what she would do if this ever happened to her. She would probably run away from embarrassment.

"I am sorry but you have to leave now." She apologized, picking up the feminine items that littered all around the floor and even trailed out the door. Just how much in a hurry were they to get into each other's pants?

She shook the mental image away, it was bad enough that she had seen both of them naked. She had been so preoccupied with getting to his room that she had not noticed the items littered on the floor on her way in.

"Lucian," the blond protested. She looked like she was about to let out a lot of complaints but Lucian interrupted her.

"I will see you some other time Carol, give me a call." He said with a wink. It was enough to silence whatever protest that was about to spill from Cassie's lips, she didn't even mind that he called her the wrong name.

Cassie blushed profusely and graciously accepted the clothes from Andrea and followed her out of the bed. "I want you dressed by the time I'm back and I swear to God even if it means I would have to take you to the showers myself." She rushed out without waiting for his reply but not before she heard him chuckle.

Gosh, she hated his guts and she hated how aware he was of his sexuality. She often thought he was taunting her but she figured she was reading too much into it. She didn't really mean she would take him to the showers herself but she had to go all out to get Lucian to listen.

As soon as the door closed, the blond's attitude changed. "Get your hands off me," she muttered darkly.

Andrea withdrew her hands like she had touched hot coal. This wasn't unusual, oftentimes, the women he brought were always very rude to her. "Philly would drive you home. I will go tell him to get the car ready." Andrea said with barely a hint of how she truly felt, a smile masked the urge to rip out the blond's hair with her hands. She walked ahead leaving the blond to fend for herself.

It was easier to call them by the color of their heads, trying to keep track of their names was exhausting but the sad part was she never forgot. In a few days to come, Cassie would call Andrea asking for Lucian and Andrea would once again relive this night but she could bet her bottom dollar that Lucian was never going to call Cassie.

Unfortunately, she was always the one the ladies got to as Lucian would never pick up their calls. She sighed as she headed for the telephone hanging off the side of the wall. Two months into this and one would think she was used to it already.

He picked on the first ring. "Philly, could you get the car ready. Lucian's house guest is about to leave." 

"Yes ma'am," Philly replied politely but Andrea heard him stifle a laugh.

She didn't find the situation funny in any way and she wished she didn't have to do this but she was stuck. Well, she guessed it was fine for Philly to laugh, she was certain if Tracy had told her about this she would find it funny but being in it was the least bit funny.

She returned the telephone, now all she had to do was get Lucian out of the house, she hoped it would be simpler. If Lucian truly didn't want to go for the meeting, there was nothing she could do to make him go. 

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