Andrea was grateful she was not the one driving; she would have been too edgy. However, getting a ride to the meeting also meant she would have to come back to get her car but it was better this way. She did not trust that Lucian would not ask the driver to take him elsewhere. It would not be the first time.

"Whatever memory you are thinking of, staring at me like that would not change it," Lucian said suddenly, his smirk wide.

She raised her upper lips, sneering at him then scoffed and turned her face away. She wished the car would move even faster but she had already told the driver to speed up, any more speed and it would be illegal.

She wondered what joy he got out of making this difficult for both of them. It was exhausting. A lot of times she had thought of giving up but the pay was too good and not to talk about the convention that was coming up in less than a month. No matter what happened, she had to make sure she attended.

Lucian was a sure ticket to attend the convention s
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