Andrea squinted her eyes, here she thought she would finally get some time to rest before the jarring schedule of the day. She knew she had no excuse and even if there was any she could think of, the fact that Lucian wanted her to join the meeting was enough to scrap all her excuses.

“Can I say no?”

He shook his head, “Don’t be a sourpuss.” He muttered and threw the door open. “After you, miss.” He gave a mock bow as he held the door open.

Andrea swore to the heavens but she took the step towards the conference room. What other option did she have? She walked past him through the open door and made her way into the conference room.

“I heard you,” Lucian whispered directly into her ears as he walked past her towards the table.

The room was mostly empty and the only occupants were two gentlemen, one looked relatively older than the other and they both stared at them as they walked in.

“My apologies for keeping you waiting,” Lucian announced.

“It is no problem,” the older of the gentleme
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