Lucian did not take his eyes off her, he did not want to miss any tell in her expression. Andrea was as open as a book though there were a few times he could not guess what was going in her head but one thing he was sure of was she sucked at lying.

“I am not going to let it go Andrea and as you know I tend to get what I want.” At first, he had been teasing about wanting to know what she was thinking about but the longer this dragged on, the more curious he became.

She had been quiet during the ride and he had wanted to have a conversation. At that moment he had not really cared what he had been thinking about but right now he was completely invested and he knew he would not let it go unless he found out.

“Fine, I did promise and unlike you, I keep my word.”

Lucian faked a gasp. “What does that even mean?”

“You said you want to know what I was thinking about in the car.”

“Exactly! So you did know what I was talking about?”

“Well, I was thinking about the first time I saw Lillian
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