Chapter 10

Darius watches my face for a second, and I swallow as his eyes run down my body and to my lap, making me shift uncomfortably. He growls; the noise makes goosebumps cover me as he towers over me. 

"Lycus, go get her some clothes. Kalen, go grab her a shirt until Lycus comes back so she can shower," Darius says before pushing off the bed away from me. Lycus nods to him before walking out, and so does Kalen, leaving me with Darius and Tobias. 

"You attend every class. Someone will pick you up from your room of a morning to take you down to the mess hall, which is where all meals are for those that live here."

"Where am I?" I ask before I can stop myself. Darius didn't like being talked over as he took a deep breath, and I watched his hand's fist at his sides before lo

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