Chapter 30

Turning my attention back to the chicks in the crate. I watch as they squirm, wondering what they have been feeding them. Yet as they got louder, the others began to wake, and Lycus groans before climbing out of bed and stumbling half asleep over to the crates. He tips the crates up, making my eyes widen before he starts removing his clothes.

I wonder what he is doing when he shifts abruptly, giving me a view of his ass in my face before he flops onto his stomach and lies on his side. The squirming chicks rush to him, bouncing on the floor, and I laugh as they burrow into his fur. He puffs out a loud wheezing breath while the chicks get lost in his fur.

"About time he made himself useful. If only he would sleep in this form every night, we may get some sleep," Tobias says, brushing his fingers through Lycus's fur. The chicks squirm in his fur, popping their heads and chirping quietly while snuggling into him as if he was their personal warm nest.

Tobias carefully steps over him and
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It's taken so long between updates I can't remember things anymore. When was she with Tobias's brother?
goodnovel comment avatar
please update soon I really like your work but it's driving me crazy to not have the rest of the book. please!!
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Helen Monterroso
i like ............

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