Tasting Darkness Chapter 32

Darius was in some warehouse. He presses his hand to a wall and curses because of how low his magic is. Hellhounds followed him like obedient little pets, and I gasped, looking at him. And he swallowed when his phone rang. The hellhounds wandered off as he answered it. It was a three-way call; Tobias and Thomas' faces appeared on the phone.

"Thomas," Darius says, watching his hellhounds look around.

"What's up?" Tobias asks his brother, who appears to be in a different location.

"I felt her. She is close,"

"Where are you?" Darius asks, whistling loudly and his hellhounds come bounding back toward him.

"Outside, Astrid," Thomas tells him, and I blink, and Darius' eyes bore into mine, watching my reaction to his words. I searched for Astrid city and could never find it. When Kalen, words from months ago come back to me. It isn't a city but a name.

"Wait for us. We will come to you," Tobias tells his brother.

"I think she is in trouble,"

"Thomas, wait for us. You don't know what you're r
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Satarupa Bhattacharya
it took my vouchers and even didnt gave me is it possible....its all blank
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Ashley Lampley
Not sure but sometimes it's over a month between updates
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DeAnna Jones Trusty
so at some point can we get a refund for all the money we spent on chapters now that we've been waiting for weeks and no updates or explanation? love the book but this waiting is ridiculous.

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