Book 2 Chapter 33

Lycus POV

Darius and Aleera were gone when I woke up on the floor by the Phoenixes, I could hear the shower running, and Tobias was on the couch staring at his phone.

"Where is everyone," I ask after shifting back. Tobias raised an eyebrow at me, and I knew he was still angry about me running off and helping my father.

How could I have been so stupid trusting him? Was I that desperate for a connection to the very man who killed my mother? He robbed me of my childhood and almost cost me my mates. Losing Kalen again would have killed my mates and me. We could have lost not only Kalen but Aleera. I needed to be smarter next time, making it the last of my contact with my father.

"Tobias?" I ask while scooping up the Phoenixes to place back into the crates. Tobias sighs, leaning down to help me.

"Kalen is in the shower, Darius and Aleera, I have no idea, but hopefully, working out their issues,"

"Issues?" I ask, and he clicks his tongue in annoyance.

"Aleera is going to shred anytime now
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Ingrida Dapkute
In my opinion Kalen is the only one who seems to be attracted to her, all the rest seems just want her there for marking just so they come to full power or some stuff. I don’t get any vibes from them that they would be attracted to her, she seems to be out of place in this circle
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I miss this book! Update soon?!
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Marbella Mejia
Coming up with various plots and characters, it’s not a easy. Also writers block happens as well and these stories take time to produce. I’d rather wait for a good chapter than feel like we forced her to write something half ass. She also does have a personal life outside of this and having to read

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