Chapter 35

Stumbling into the room the portal closes behind us, Darius didn’t step through but Tobias steered me toward the bathroom and I could feel how uncomfortable he was. I could also tell he was breathing through his mouth so as to not inhale my scent.

“But Darius,” I tell him. He shakes his head and points to the shower, clearly not trusting himself not to talk. I wasn’t aware it was about shredding that made him almost rabid. I also didn’t want to know but it must be a vampiric-fae thing because I remembered the strange Vampire from the store the first time.

Shutting the door, I strip my clothes off before stopping when I feel the stone in my pocket. It kind of looked like a moon stone, shaking my head. I turned and started the shower before trying to figure out what to do with it. Hearing the door open I panic and drop it into the bowl that sat between the basins full of bath bombs.

Kalen steps into the bathroom just as I turn back toward the shower. He holds up some clothes and sets
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goodnovel comment avatar
Love the chapter it brings back happy times. But omg the shredding is starting again will he let her mark him that is the big question
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Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
I’m loving these updates. I’m hoping for some hot ass group sex and another marking. I think she and Tobias have heat between them. And if he lets her mark him, then she’ll know a lot of Darius’ secrets and it should help her understand more about her past.
goodnovel comment avatar
This a good comic chapter

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