Chapter 37

Kalen grabbed my hips, moving me to his own pace. He thrust inside long and hard and I settled for his slower but deeper rhythm, it made the madness inside me simmer instead of boil.

Darius continued to watch from his position leaning against the wall. His eyes were hungry, but he dared not touch us, instead he took his pleasure posing us like his own personal dolls.

My release built inside me like a bubbling geyser. Kalen's grip increased, his fingers sinking into my ass as he thrust harder into me and he growled in my ear.

That deep vibrating growl was my undoing. I came hard and collapsed on Kalen's chest. I kissed his neck before biting at his mark. It made his cock twitch inside me as he too hit his limit and he spilled himself into me.

It wasn't enough. The burning was coming back, building stronger and stronger inside of me, desperate for a release.

I sensed their presence as Tobias and Lycus came out of the bathroom, water droplets still pearling on their bodies and dripping f
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Shannon Senecal
No child should have to endure that. His mother's mistake shouldn't have been taken out on him. I am shocked Darius hasn't taken his father out yet. I look forward to more.
goodnovel comment avatar
Zesta Amanda Skouson-McGinnis
More sex please!!!!!!! Can’t wait for Tobias. I do find it interesting how Kalen seems very dominant with her and submissive with the others. But it’s a turn on. I like them a bit dominant. I’ve been waiting for her shredding for awhile now. Please keep it coming.
goodnovel comment avatar
Did that memory knock her out or will she still be shredding for Tobias?

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