Chapter 40

At first, I thought I was staring at Tobias as a child, but it didn't take me long to realize it was his twin, Thomas. He would have only been about five-year-old. We were in what looked like some banquet room. A long table ran down the center as his father, who was an imposing man, snarled at Thomas.

Tobias watched in horror as he grabbed his brother and then him by the back of the neck, dragging them closer to the table that lay in the center of the huge room. Blood spilled over the edges of the table onto the tiled floors. A woman with a crown atop her head glared at them with pursed lips. She reminded me of Tobias, making me wonder if it was his mother.

"Please, daddy, please," Thomas begged, and they are steered toward the table.

"You were both told not to come down here. Both told to stay in your rooms; this is what you get for disobeying me," the man snapped at his sons, his grip on both their necks was hard and pinched their skin.

As we drew closer to the table, we found a wo
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Myles Aban
More update please. Thanks.
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Maybe she wouldn’t come back the same as before she died?
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Cheryl D'arcy
love it thanks for updates please do more

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