Chapter 41

The next memory morphed to their eighteenth birthday. Tobias heard a portal open and sat up, rubbing his eyes, his powers had manifested during the night, but too exhausted to care he never checked his infinity mark. He knew the familiar energy to be that of Darius. He yawns, stretching his arms above his head. Darius smirked as he stepped through the portal into Tobias's room, holding up his wrist. "It appears we are destined, brother," Darius tells him.

Tobias' brows furrow as he yawns, looking at his wrist when Darius rubs his fingers over the infinity mark on his own, and Tobias gasps, glancing at his own when warmth spreads up his arm. Tobias chuckles. "Well, looks like you're not getting rid of me now," Tobias smiles. He was glad that his best friend was destined to be part of his life. Their brotherly bond is now completely solidified.

Tobias stares down at the names on his wrist. "Fuck, feel sorry for whoever she is. I wonder who the other two are?" Tobias says, brushing his
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Hilary Menzies-Baldwin
Missing the rest of this chapter or the next. We don’t know what happens after she jumps out the window.
goodnovel comment avatar
Miss L
Relax! It’s hard to write and publish at the same time.
goodnovel comment avatar
Knew it that she couldn’t trust her own evil mother!! Like I said, if anything trust the phoenixes! They can sense bad intentions

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