Taming Darkness Chapter 3

My hearing is the first to go; I am met with total darkness and utter silence for what felt like eons as his memory flickered to life. Blinking, I find we are in the mess hall, only it looks different. In his memory, it is some kind of ballroom, with heavy drapes covering the windows and a crystal chandelier glistening under the light, casting the ground in orbs of light as the sun shone in. “Now, Darius,” comes a deep, booming voice. Darius shakes his head.

“No, please, father,” he begs. He must be about six years old. The room looked huge out of his eyes as he peered at the back of his father’s throne, which sat in the center of the room. His father looks over his shoulder, leaning over to peer around his chair. “I said now! Either them or you?” his father snarls at him.

Darius shuffles his feet, drops his head, and moves closer to his father. His father grabs his shirt, hauling him in front of the throne. Darius sniffles and his father hits him up the back of the head. “Get on wi
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goodnovel comment avatar
and why do they call kalen a dark fairy, if he should be harmony?
goodnovel comment avatar
poor Darius, he thinks they'll never forgive him yet none of it was his fault, he was an abused child forced to do unspeakable things
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Michelle Trotter
I think they should teach her to use her magic so then she could be pretty powerful

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