Taming Darkness Chapter 5

My heart stutters in the real world as I watch Darius father through his eyes. A tiny six-year-old boy, he clenches his jaw, steels his resolve and lift his chin, stepping through the portal back to his waiting father. The moment he does, his father grabbed him.

“What have you done?” Xandrius growls at his son, shutting the portal.

“He’s useless to you now, dad,” Darius says, his gaze ice-cold. His father snarls, backhands him, making him hit the ground. He lands on the floor on his stomach. He wipes his bleeding lip and rolls over, sitting up, just as his door burst open. Darius cold gaze moves to the door to see his mother.

“No!” she snaps at Xandrius as he starts undoing his belt. “Get out, Lilith!” he yells at his wife. She shakes her head, this was nothing new for Darius, his mother always fought for him, even though it just got her hurt.

Darius gets up, his mother attacking his father just as he is whipped with the belt. The blows are repeatedly rained down, his mother taking
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Paige Keese
Darius may be an asshole but I understand him better. Most of the bad things he did was to protect others. He’s not a complete monster. Still tho his past doesn’t excuse his behavior for the present. How he treated Aleera wasn’t excusable. He chose to do that out of anger nothing noble.
goodnovel comment avatar
Can’t wait for an update!
goodnovel comment avatar
But even if he did that to himself and du Kalen, could Aleera as there keeper restore that? She is a harmony herself after all

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