Taming Darkness Chapter 6


Darius was gone, and we were sealed in by Darius’ magic. Aleera was stuck in this memories state, her eyes flitting back and forth, her power magnifying with each tortuous second that passed as I paced back and forth while getting dressed.

Black and gold webbing bleeds out of her pores, spreading like a rash over most of her body, her breathing becoming rapid as we watch her. Kalen’s worry and fear bleeding into me like poison as he chews his nails, staring absently at where Darius just left through a portal.

Lycus grips his hair, he now has shorts on, but his fear is also potent, only amplifying mine. “What are we going to do?” Lycus whines, she had only been out for a few minutes, yet that was long enough for Darius to escape us and trap us in this room.

We could still feel him, though we knew he was badly injured. We have tried to break the seal that snared us in, yet we were just wasting the energy and power we needed when it dropped.

With each passing second, we felt
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You are an amazing writer! What a great chapter!
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Paige Keese
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Lupito Rotava
great chapter

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