Taming Darkness Chapter 7

Aleera POV

The memories wouldn’t stop. I come to learn, through them, that the plague was never meant to be a plague at all. It was supposed to be a cure for Harmony-Fae who were dying off from some virus that spread like wildfire. Darius being Demonic-Fae was not affected by this virus, they couldn’t explain why, neither was his sister.

However, what my father created was never a cure, it was a plague. Xandrius ordered him to destroy it when they realized what they created. After all the things I saw him do, I wasn’t sure how someone like him wanted to stop the unpredictable epidemic outbreak.

And yet, they were hoping to find a cure. However, my father was scheming behind Xandrius’s back, plotting a way to take down the Demonic Kingdom and the Vamperic kingdom. From what I saw, he was adamant to destroy everything, sacrifice as many lives as needed, in his way just to get closer to his goal.

My father became the very definition of a mad scientist with a god complex. All of his plan
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Oh my heart! Poor Darius, and I’m so glad Aleera is seeing this as she’s learning so much hard truth from D’s memories. Thank you for this update!

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