Taming Darkness Chapter 8

Aleera POV

The fumes were horrendous, and the liquid bubbled like a potion some film directors portray only in sci-fi movies.

I kept watching Darius as he started crushing up the devil's bane. My eyebrows furrowed in silent question. What was he planning to do with that thing? It was extremely toxic to demons, so getting a hold of that much of it had to be challenging. Was he trying to kill his own father?

Darius added sulfur and a heap of other, even more dangerous, ingredients. I couldn’t stop wondering where, from who, and how the heck he got his hands on such poisons.

It was such a wide variety of dangerous and toxic that I knew Darius had to be aware of the things he had there. It couldn’t be a coincidence. I refused to believe or even think that he had no idea what those things were.

Besides, the book he had opened looked like it could have been at least a hundred years old. It wasn’t the plain old recipe book, either. And I knew he wasn’t baking a cake.

My heart thundered ag
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