Taming Darkness chapter 34


My mind became lost to the dream walk with my mates. It was so real, I almost felt like I could reach out and touch them, to share the joy that vibrated through them. I was consumed by the emotion until I felt the very ground shake, and the walls cracked around me. Cracks zipping up the walls and making holes to the cells next door. Not large enough to get into, but enough for me to see my terrified neighbor. I looked up at the ceiling, dust sprinkling over me, and my eyes darted to the other Fae locked in their cells.

The power of my mates flared through the bond, my infinity mark was glowing, lit up bright and burning against me they were coming for me. The tremors are violent, murmurs and panicked cries ring out as the Harmony Fae worry the roof would cave in. Now or never, now it is. The time for my mother having the upper hand, or even thinking she still had it, was over. I would not allow her to use me for her tyrannical plans, or risk my unborn child’s life in the pr
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