Taming Darkness Chapter 36

The briefcase slipped from her hands, scattering paperwork everywhere when I am hit from the side, my magic dropping as one of her men attacked me. I hit the ground hard. From my peripheral, I see my mother trying to scavenge the papers.

My wings open when the Fae man blasted me with his fire magic, my wings wrapped around my body protectively, shielding me. The heat made me scream, and I forced power into them turning my wings to steel. They glowed, turning a rusty red, from the rapid heat. Turning my head, I spot my mother rush out the door and clench my teeth as her foot soldier pins me with his fire.

Yet the moment he is close enough, I spread my wings, slicing his body in three pieces, he looks shocked and looks down before his body slides apart and splatters on the floor. Like some gruesome puzzle pieces.

Without a second glance at the man and his grisly fate, I chased my mother out of the house and nearly stopped in my tracks at the chaos outside. My mates were fighting along
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