Taming Darkness Chapter 37

Some of the braver ones even dared to attack me, but a few of my feathers stopped those thoughts. Once my mother didn't appear, and realized she was dead, the power hunters were overcome with fear and tried to escape.

The Harmony-Fae weren't about to let that happen. They tore them to shreds with their own magic.

My mates were getting closer. I could feel Darius' magic hovering in the air, the darkness of it called to me to bring back the shadows I had grown to love. I needed them, to see them, touch them, just be with them. As I rounded the side of the house and my heart skipped a beat. There they all were.

One of the hunters ran away from the Harmony-Fae and tried their luck with attacking Darius from the back. Lycus grabbed him with one hand and with his hands turned to claws, he ripped into the man, shredding organs and pulling him apart.

Kalen was holding his own, a newfound sense of purpose hovering over him as he flanked Tobias.

Most of the power hunters were dead, their bodi
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