Taming Darkness Chapter 38


Two days Later

I finished my shower and stepped into the room, more than ready to join my mates. I was blown away by what I was witnessing. I stood inside the door for a few moments, taking it all in. Gradually, I crept into the room, not wanting to disturb them just yet, but just appreciate the sight.

My heart raced to the point I thought I was going to fall into cardiac arrest as I stared at them. The loves of my life, three of the four men I wanted to build a life with.

The towel wrapped around my body made me feel over-dressed. They hadn't noticed me yet, too consumed with each other, and who could blame them? Victory sex was amazing sex. I had a feeling though that once they did, it would be like being thrown in a den with starving, ravenous wolves. Darius was missing, and I wondered where he'd gotten to.

They had started without me. They lay naked, tangled together on the huge bed. The three of them that were there writhed together in a sweaty heap of passion. There was
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What a way to end a chapter!

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