Taming Darkness Chapter 39

I nodded, and everyone changed positions. I was the center of attention at that moment once again. I got onto my knees, sticking my ass in the air and placing my face down onto the sheets. All three men gathered around my ass, looking at me and pawing at me. I turned my head back to watch them.

Kalen held my ass cheeks open as they drizzled lube between them. His fingers pressed into my ass, stretching me out and making me moan. Tobias sucked on Lycus’s cock a little before covering it in lube and stroking it. While Kalen held open my cheeks, still playing with my asshole a little, Tobias helped Lycus guide his cock to my hole.

“That’s it,” Kalen encouraged, reaching down and playing with my tits with one hand. “Take his big cock in that tight little ass,” he said with a moan, “I want to see it stretch you out.”

Lycus’s cock pressed to my hole. He pushed forward and I relaxed my body as his girth stretched me open. I moaned deeply, rolling my eyes, as everyone watched the way that I
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