2 Years Later

Our family was complete. Our twins were now over-active one-year olds. One boy and one girl and of course were all born with magic, all born Harmony Seraphim elementals. That was going to create challenges for all of us since we were still learning my abilities. Chasing them around was tiring, but I would have it no other way. Their fathers spoiled them all to no end, always making me the bad guy when they refused to go to bed.

They would often sneak over through the bathroom and I would wake up with feet and hands in my face and my back. I loved them dearly, but I needed them to sleep in their own rooms for once, straight through the night. Forget sex, it was sleep I desperately needed.

Tobias nudged me as I watched them chase the phoenixes around the field, “We should have one more," he suggested.

I looked at him like he has grown another head, was he crazy? I could barely keep up with the two we had, much less one or more added to the mix, “No, the two we have are e
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I love this book, Greta story
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Casey Murdock Beck
Okay. This is my new favorite story ...️
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Deb Warren
Such a great story. Thank you so much.
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