Housemates with Benefits
Housemates with Benefits
Author: Hiraya Jey


I am awaken by the hard squeezes on my bump, which actually made me moan. I do not know whether it’s because of my head’s still aching from staying late at night working on our thesis paper or because the touch feels good.

Now that’s not my only problem, I feel ticklish from something sniffing on my neck. My right arm suddenly felt heavy as if it is being crush. Much as that I actually know who’s the sinner, it’s not a dog of course, I don’t have a pet of my own. Rather, it’s Keegan my best friend. We are practically living together.

For me, it is to save some penny because I’m on my rocks right now, which I'm still waiting ‘til next week for my allowance from the scholarship. I’m lucky enough to be chosen to the grant, they give a good keeps. And for him, he got some monster in his house to stay away from. I offered him to stay with me, but we have to split the payment. Fortunately, he agreed to stay on a one queen sized bed, tiny dinky kitchen, clean bathroom and my aesthetic living room. P*******t definitely knows it’s assignment.

I shriek out when I felt him licking my neck, so icky, so wet. “Keegan, so gross!” I pushed him away from me but he even have the chance to slap my bump again. I gave him a don’t start with me look.

“You wanna change bottom with me? I always wake up because of your filthy hands.” I stand up from our messy bed to wash up and get ready from cooking. “I’m already hungry and you just won’t woke up. Why are you so diligent on finishing that so lame thesis anyway when we’re still going to die someday?”

Coming out from the bathroom after washing my face, I appreciated the beautiful scenery in the morning. His messy curly hair is all over his face, the bridge of his nose pointing proudly, with his jaw protruding manliness and masculinity, looking down on his sensual lips which he’s trying to wet right now, I cannot miss the thought that he’s such a waste. His genes would not spread, ‘coz just like me, his type is also a guy. Damn dude.

Getting out of the room, I answered his cyclical question. “Because someday isn’t tomorrow nor even next year or next decades. Because I am planning to be and I am going to survive as I could be.” I’m poor not just broke, I haven’t tasted the most delicious food in our town, haven’t travel enough, or experience the best of life. So poverty won’t be enough to push me to grave. I will survive this, I will live.

“You just have to prove your existence, weren’t you?” I could sense his sarcasm which I ignored. “You could just prove it to me… always stay with me.” he muttered softly as he ran his fingers through his hair. I grimaced at his cheesy words. “Are you finally in love with me?”

He give me a hearty chuckle which makes my heart leap and give me a serenity to start this day. I could smell it, I could almost foresee how my day could be and it’s going to be a great day. “You know, I hate bitches but I love you.”

He even give me a wink with a flying kiss which I catches by acting like devouring it. “By the way, you’re off to school with me?” His smile slowly wear off, looking away from me into the hot pan with his favorite bacons, taking away the serenity I’ve thought that would stay.

“Looks like I’ll be a hot dalmatian again,” he shrugged.

“Maybe I should just shift into nursing, that suits me better,” I said softly as sadness clouded my features.

And without knowingly a melancholic look have ruin the day.

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