Chapter 2

The alarm rings banging every corner of the room. The sound of the birds chirping outside the window have been really my comfort to start a new day. That I have no reason to lay on my bed or stay longer even just a minute or else I want to be late for school and get my record tainted.

I felt a hot huff nuzzling on my neck, and perhaps this morning routine have been for ages grown for us. I felt his arm just under my boob squeezing me. It’s a comfortable feeling indeed but knowing that it’s not from a person you supposed to like is really bothering. He hugs me like a koala, a baby that can’t be separated from his mother. I tried moving my arms to shake it, just trying to wake him up. But instead he hugs me even tighter that my cherries slightly moving up, and it hurts.

You better not really be awake or else I’m gonna kick your ass. I tried removing his arms wrapped around my body but it’s really heavy or he might be awake and trying to control to not get out of it. I tried talking softly as possible, cause I know how it is irritating to get shouted out of sleep. It would make your day really really bad until the end of it.

“Hey, wake up biatch.”

I knew he have heard it. But rather than waking up he nuzzles his head more on my neck, his nose touching my neck softly. His hands going down to my belly until inserting it inside my shirt squeezing my belly. And this scene isn’t de ja vu. I have watched this scene for a thousand times.

“Why do we always take an hour to get off this bed? I have always wondered the mystery behind it,” and at this point I did not bother trying to make my voice small. I even inhaled deeply simply to let him know my frustrations. I pulled out his hands inside my shirt and even slap it weakly. But he immediately returned it and squeezed my belly again.

“Five minutes, give me five minutes.” I just found myself curving my lips for a smile. Let me tell you a secret, every girl is sucker for a deep and husky male voice. May it be from their lover or even a friend, they would notice it and take note for themselves.

This time he even leap his legs and wrapped it around my legs. I feel like caged from my predator that escaping isn’t a possible scenario to go with. “You’re so heavy and stop pinching my belly,” I tried knocking his head out of it as I pulled his hands out of my shirt just for him to return it and pinch the side of my belly roaming his hands on it. And with that he is almost on my top. Half of his body is lying on me.

“It’s your fault for making me stay late up at night,” he said under one’s breath.  

“You don’t like N*****x and chill?” I purred then I felt something poking on my legs. Something that getting harder, is that what I think it is?

“Is that your pet?” I tried asking him. He get off his head on my neck trying to face me. His nose wrinkled and brows trying to reach each other.

“Do you even know what does it mean to do a N*****x and chill?” his eyes burned with heat that the eye contact with me was unbearable, I can even hint an aggravation on his hard tone. Like what did I do.

So I answered, “Yeah, to watch N*****x of course.” I also did that because I told him what happened with my meetings of his father. He reacted like I really did something bad, he lick his lower lip then goes back nuzzling on my neck again. I can even feel his chest rose and fell with rapid breaths. He let out a harsh breath in my neck near down my ear that it really tickles. Is he a baby? Cause he is definitely acting like one.

“So is that a boner?” I asked over because I felt it again when he laid on me. “Yeah but because of the hormones, okay?” he muttered in annoyance and frustration while squeezing me even tighter. Is it even possible to feel it twitch? Because I felt how it twitch while his talking. A morning wood, indeed.

I am in my class right now, my professor keep on talking about recording entries, journalizing and posting records of transactions, adjustments, such financial statements and preparing worksheets. It is my major subject so I must listen very well but I can’t help of going back on what happened last night. My mind keep wandering of what could really it be. There’s still something off about it that I can’t figure out. The intensity of knowing behind it, my curiosity can’t just sit it off. This is actually what happened.

It was striking nine o’clock in the evening, where people are probably getting ready to rest from working all day long. Or perhaps some are probably just starting their night, pulling their best dresses out of their wardrobe, getting ready for a night out. But for me, with the dim light illuminating our small home, with the crescent moon peeking from our glass window, I have been looking forward for this right time to seek for his answers.

I have already prepared pizza and coke while sitting on our couch, waiting patiently for him to come out from his room. Contemplating ideas to start a conversation would have been easy if only I have no agendas for the night. But because of touching a seemingly taboo topic for him, made my heart go wild that I could feel the nerve in my head ready to pop out. Cold sweats and freezing hands are rewarded to me for preparing a trespassing to his secret basement. That’s probably a good description to how nerve-racking could this be.

As soon as he came out from his cave, his eyes immediately roam to the food in front of me and into my face. I hope he did not notice the awkward smile I gave off, because that would give him a hint of what could probably my intention. I should not put all my eggs to one basket if I don’t want to land in a mine.

“I’m so tired from this past few days, and now that I have no particular school stuffs to rush I’ve prepared for this.”I told him as I opened a can of coke. I started it off with a perfect scenario, a true happenings in my life. Thinking about it, I’m such a good writer.

“Okay,” that’s the only word he said as he sat beside me. The newly fresh gel coming off from his body lingered to my nose, he certainly just came from the shower. He get one pizza biting it off, licking it deliciously and that is my sign to continue talking.

I opened the television and set movies from N*****x. As soon as it started, without looking from him I asked questions with my expression set into poker face.


“Where did you go this afternoon, I haven’t seen you?”

“I’m with Easton, he asked me to go with him to check his motorbike. They are trying to change its tires.” he nonchalantly explained while seeping on his coke.

“Oh, you’ve gotten close with you cousin huh,” I absentmindedly told him as I’m still contemplating of how to enter my meetings with his father.

“What do you mean? We’re close even before, as well as you already have hang out with them. He even went here last month, have you forgotten already? You’re always spacing out,” he asked me weirded out but I saw the corner of his mouth raising.

“Oh yeah, I remember it. But I was just wondering if he is kind of close with your family…” I said lazily as I crossed my legs, he gave me a questioning look so I continued. “I mean does he talk about you some news about your family, because you’re cousins.” I feel like I’m talking nonsense right now, but I do hope that our compatibility of each other would reach my message for him.

“Kind of, rather he is close to me than to my parents. And he is living to his own condo as well, so he’s actually not giving me news from home. He’s also away from his family so... and I’m not really interested to listening one.” he muttered like having a hard time to explain it to me so translating it to prettier words, he’s not interested to the big fish I’m about to give him right now.

“I have to tell you something, I won’t go kicking around the bush anymore. I have to keep it out unless it would bother my conscience for a hundred years, and I can’t let that happen. I met your father this afternoon.” I went straightly and that’s a bull eye for he turned his gaze to me seriously this time. My chest go heavy as my heart go wild. He’s now tearing me apart, looking deeply to my soul, and I have always been elated every time he look at me intently. Nevertheless, it is not the time to focus on me, rather to keep my words in check from a possibility of his sudden outburst.

“What did he told you?” he asked me directly as if he’s sure it’s something bad. “He told me that your mother is sick, but he actually did not told me what she is sick for, or how she is sick. Do you get what I mean?” he just nodded slowly and he’s mind is now lost.

“What else did he told you? Did he hurt you?” I smiled warmly, he’s worried about me, that he might hurt me because he have been already hurt from of his own father. And that’s really freaking sad.

“Nope, don’t worry Keegan. But he also told me that you could only visit your mother if you will marry. I mean he literally talk about marriage. I think he’s not actually serious about it.” he nodded to me knowingly as if he’s not shock to hear the news.

“Why do you look like that?” the tips of my fingers slightly tapping the side of my can. “My father and I have already talked about that, even that fvcking inheritance,” he said that seriously that I can’t help but to bite my lower lip from preventing to laugh at his situation. “Are you shooting a melodrama? That actually happens on real life, huh? Haven’t thought about that, perhaps only rich people can relate.” He glared at me as I showed him my perfect white set of teeth.

“By the way, is she terminally ill?” I asked worriedly. He looked at me solemnly, my chest hurt in the way he looks at me. And I feel like the worry in me spread even faster as it grows even bigger. The look in his eyes were pleading for salvation and the miscellany of misery have been formed to his expression. ‘Come on, tell me your misery, tell me your story. I would gladly listen and no matter what happens I would stay by your side.’

With the light of the moon coming from the window, crossing the momentum of us he uttered the words that made me freeze and forgot all of the things that we actually talked about. It made my heart go wild and crazy, and made my cheek burn from his words so out of the blue.

That’s the time I realized that butterflies in the stomach aren’t just fictional creation, rather a pleasure from someone’s real adoration.

“Damn, you look so beautiful Adelaide.” Protection Status