Chapter 3 - Dangerous

~~~ Allaya ~~~

My heart is hammering in my chest, so loud that I can almost hear it, rage swirls inside me and I’m trembling like a fool. What kind of devil has gotten under my skin to let an utter stranger touch me so intimately?

But that man did not feel like a stranger to me.

I relished in that moment like there was no tomorrow, he had me under some sort of spell. Our instant connection was powerful and addictive, almost like the hand of fate was influencing my senses, guiding my moves to the one destined for me.

Wait… what? Where did that come from?

My emotions are all over the place, my own mind gave up on me and my thoughts ceased to make sense.

Sparks break all over my treacherous body at the mere recollection of his touch, and I feel my cheeks flush. His hands felt like magic bliss, while his hot lips on my neck transported me to another universe, where skilled gorgeous men like him really exist.

Good God, I must have lost my sanity, and how could I not lose it after I’ve been double crossed, hurt and humiliated by the two people I loved and cherished most? I pray the sex scene I’ve witnessed was a nightmare, but I know that it’s the dire truth.

I did not expect it.

And I definitely did not deserve it.

But there’s no point in denying that I was a fool.

I clutch my chest thinking how they must have laughed on my account, the pain of betrayal is lingering in my heart, boring holes into my soul until there’s nothing left.

Why did they do it?


People say monsters aren’t real, but I dare to disagree. Monsters exist, but they do not have scary horns and hideous bodies as they are described in children’s books. Instead, they have eight pack abs and sport seductive smiles so you’d never suspect what’s hidden behind their alluring appearance.

“Allaya!” A voice in low key stops me on my tracks.

It’s Eduard, Elijah’s best friend.

I burst into a nervous laughter, trying to push back the tears that are threatening to fall.

I’m empty inside.

They hurt me, but I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me broken.

“You already knew about this, didn’t you?” I’m surprised by how composed my voice came out.

“Ahh, I… You must understand that I couldn’t…”

I raise my hand to quiet him. “I don’t want to hear anything anymore. I hope I’ll never see any of you again. If I were to decide, you’ll all rot in hell!”

Then I turn around to leave. My tears are already rolling on my cheeks, but I successfully hid them from who it counted, so I call it a win. As for the thick crowd in the club, I don’t care, fuck them all.

My pace quickens, the air is hard to breathe and I hate every second of being in here.

Without warning, I crash into a man’s body that is harder than steel, and I instinctively grip his shirt to keep myself from falling on my ass. A pair of large hands are placed on my hips to help with my balance.

“Thank you!” It comes out more like a whisper, I’m a walking disaster.

“Damn, girl, you’re fast! I don’t even know your name and you’re already trying to rip my clothes off? While I do have a reputation, I’m not that easy, you know?!”

“I’m sorry!” I blush and raise my regard only to meet a tall man’s baby blue eyes, shining with amusement. But his amusement falters in less than a split second.

“You’re crying.” He wipes a tear from my cheek with his thumb, I flinch at the touch. “Why are you crying, beautiful? Did someone do something to you? Tell me!” Concern flashes over his gorgeous features.

I take in his appearance, my pulse accelerating again.

Ruffled hair of dirty blonde color and a face that seems sculpted by the angels in heaven. Thick eyebrows, a pair of bright eyes, perfectly shaped nose, plump lips and a masculine jawline to die for.

Strong muscled body wrapped in Armani clothes, his entire demeanor screams money and arrogance.

‘Come to your senses Allaya, why are you analyzing every single man you meet today?’

My brain might be broken, but I just realized something. There are many guys out there ten times more attractive than Elijah. Until this very moment, I believed that he could overshadow anybody, but I was wrong. So wrong. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

“What are you doing?”

Speaking of the devil himself, I freeze in my spot when Elijah reaches out for me and grabs my hand in a painful hold, forcing me to meet his glare.

“Are you with him? Is this why you never allowed me to touch you?”


I just can’t believe what I’m hearing.

“I know this guy, he means trouble.” He points to the sexy guy I stumbled into.

“While you’re such a saint, aren’t you?” I try to keep a straight face, but end up laughing nervously, while pulling my hand away from him with all the force my body allows. “Leave me alone!”

The sexy guy’s eyes brush over me before shifting his attention to Elijah, who is fuming in anger, acting as if he were some sort of victim, not the main villain in this story.

“I think the lady doesn’t enjoy your company. She’s with me, and you’ll never bother her again!”

“The hell she is with you!”

Elijah is a no brain - all muscle package, he pounces on the blonde guy to show his stupid dominance, the way I’ve seen him do it so many times before, and each and every time, he won.

My heart skips some beats, I’m afraid for the stranger, he did nothing wrong, yet he’s caught in the middle of my mess.

I watch stunned at how easily Elijah’s attack is dodged, and instead he is knocked out on the ground, his nose bleeding from the single punch he received.

He whines like a little girl when he registers the crimson liquid dripping from his nose, I swear I’m not imagining the wetness in his eyes.

Being a bully, he only inflicted pain on others, never experiencing it and now it shows.

Sexy guy is dangerous, I can tell that the cheating bastard never posed a real threat to him.

“Now apologize to the lady and never cross paths with her again!” His voice is oozing authority, driving Elijah to cower in fear.

His jaw clenches as he forces the words down his throat. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“Now leave my sight!”

People close to us gasp in shock at the scene unfolding before their eyes, and I really know the reason why. My ex-boyfriend always relished in the bad boy image he took years to build for himself.

Truth be told, I secretly enjoy watching him flee the scene with his tail between his legs, after being embarrassed in front of so many.

“I’m sure he learned his lesson.” My new favorite guy declares casually.

I hope so, but I have my doubts.

“Do you perhaps have a girlfriend that will come and pull my hair away?” My tone is playful, but I’m seriously curious about this.

He raises a brow. “Why do you ask that?”

Because earlier someone’s boyfriend had his hands all over my body, and I was called ‘slut’. The worst part, I allowed his touch. I enjoyed it.

“Never mind. Thanks for everything, now I have to leave.”

“Can I take you home?”

I shake my head in response, there’s something that draws me to him, yet the last thing I need is another complication.

“What’s your name? I deserve to know at least that.” He offers me a quite charming smile.


“Nice to meet you, Allaya! I’m Landon. Landon Morgan.”

“Likewise, Landon Morgan.”

My lips shape in a smile, it seems like not all men are jerks after all. Or maybe I didn’t give this one enough time to prove me otherwise.

Great, now I’m suspicious of everybody.

“Maybe we’ll see each other again.”

“I don’t believe that will happen. I’ll never set foot in this club. That jerk is the owner.”

“Not for long.”

I narrow my eyes. What?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter. I wave him ‘goodbye’ and walk out. I had enough excitement for one night.

I’ve made up my mind, I’m going to pack my stuff and move to the college dorms.

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