Chapter 5 - Undeniable Truth

~~~ Allaya ~~~

** My eyes sharply explore the depth of the woods, butterflies are ravaging my stomach in fear, my heart is pounding against my rib cage, as ready to explode, it’s nothing that I have felt before.

I run, I run for my life is in danger, my life and the life of my unborn baby. Unworthy sensations for my kind are stirring inside, my body is tense in that emotion called panic, which was created for blunt human weaklings.

I run with inhuman speed, as fast as I can, searching for a good hiding spot, the chances of survival are low. They will catch up on me soon, I’m not going to make it, it’s just too many of them and I’m alone.

My heart rate is on overdrive while racing against all odds, my life depends on it, I know every inch of this place, but so do they. Howls cracking through the silence of the forest, making everything more intense, the dreadful noises are getting closer.

They're here!

The monsters are here!

I fight the urge to scream, my breath is caught in my throat, my body falls to the ground in surrender.

I close my eyes and pray for a miracle. Maybe the Gods will spare me and my child.

At least my child… **

 “Xander, do something about it, she’s having that nightmare again!”

“It only means one thing, love. She is awakening. It’s out of my power to stop this, you know that.”

The disturbed voices of my parents are penetrating through this kind of trance I’m blocked into, for I’m neither asleep nor conscious. I’m unable to react, but I am aware of my surroundings, if that makes any sense.

“Awakening?” I manage to utter in a low tone, opening my heavy eyes.

My father’s face is clouded with some sort of hidden implications while briefly glancing at my mother.

“I meant ‘awaking’. Same dream again, sweet baby?” He inquires, his eyes lit with affection and uneasiness, while my mother encloses me in a bear tight hug.

My breath is still uneven, my cheeks soaked with tears, I have this horrific nightmare every night, over and over again, with very few details varying, it’s been replaying in my mind for the last months.

A woman chased by creatures that do not exist in our world, that woman seems to be me for I feel her experiences as my own, even if this is beyond the bounds of possibility. Isn’t it?

I cannot be someone that possesses unearthly skills like sharp visual perception, hypersonic speed, some type of healing power and on top, someone that is haunted by demonic beasts, can I? Obviously, that’s rather impossibile, I’m just Allaya, a basic human.

But then why does it feel so real?

And why are they chasing after me?

I mean… after her.

What will happen when they catch her?

I always wake up before finding out, but it may be for the best not to learn, my heart aches at the mere hunt, and if they happen to kill her, I can’t conceive what horrible sensations would invade my body.

“You’re all sweaty, princess! Go, take a shower and change your clothes!” My father suggests.

I narrow my eyes. “Wait, what are you two doing here? How did you get in?”

“Alexis let us inside.” He answers.

“Where is she?”

“She said she had to do some groceries, but I’m sure she wanted to give us space to talk. It’s been a week since you left home. You’re really serious about living in the dorms?”

“Did Elena tell you why I left in the middle of the night?”

“She didn’t. I found a note on her bed table this morning.” My mother extends a piece of paper and I reluctantly reach for it. “I wonder how much we failed as parents for both of you to leave home without a word.” She added, her voice laced with sadness. “I am really sorry for whatever she did to you, my darling! It is my fault, I should have raised her better.”

My heart skips some beats as I unfold the paper and read the few lines on it.

[“Mom, I’m pregnant with Elijah, he never loved Allaya, he loves me. He sold his club and we are going to start a family in Europe. Don’t search for me, I’m not coming back. Tell dad that I wished he would have loved me the same he loves my step sister, but I was always second. At times, it seemed that you loved her more as well. Bye!”]

I sigh, I never imagined that she was jealous of me. It’s not making sense, I never fit anywhere and she knew it.

My own family abandoned me as a baby. My father adopted me when I was a few days old, and he raised me alone until I was 10, when he met a kind beautiful widow, Elena’s mother. Since then, the four of us loved each other like a real family would, or so I thought.

Elena’s actions should not surprise me anymore, the last days have been like a rude awakening. My friends disclosed all sorts of facts involving traps she set for me in the past. They tried to warn me before as well, but I never listened. It seems that I always failed to see the kind of person who she really was.

As for Elijah, I found out that it was not the first time he cheated on me. In fact, he was posing as the perfect boyfriend just to take my virginity, and what bothers me is that I almost gave it to him.

I doubt that he would settle for Elena, but I don’t have any hard feelings left, I wish them the life they deserve.

* * *

I give the final touch to my makeup and take another glance in the full length mirror, under the approving eyes of my roommate, Alexis.

I’m wearing a white top and a black skirt that goes just below my ass, complimenting both my thin waist and my long legs. Yeah, I look good in this outfit, my confidence is restored.

“Thanks for convincing me to do this!”

“Girl, you look like everybody’s favorite meal! That Landon Morgan you told me about will have a mini heart attack if you happen to bump into him again! And trust me, getting rid of your cunning step sister and your cheating ex-boyfriend deserve celebrating!”

My lips shape in a genuine smile, after I pulled the bad weed out of my life, I experience an inner peace that I haven’t felt in what now seems like ages.

“You look even more gorgeous!”

Alexis has curly red hair that goes below her shoulders, and a pair of jade color eyes that can steal a man’s heart on the spot, if he is not too careful.

She hits the gym four times a week and has an all plant based diet, which gives her skin a special healthy glow. We are about the same height, 5.5 feet tall.

Yeah, she’s a babe and I’m proud to call her my friend.

“Oh, you make me blush, shut up!” She cups her face in her hands.

“And I am not thinking about that Landon at all! Why would you say that?” I am quick to deny, why did I tell her everything about that dreadful night?

She crosses her arms over her chest. “If you’re not thinking about him, then you’re thinking about the other one with the girlfriend, which I really don’t recommend! You did have a taste of the pain of betrayal, so you should know better not to harm others!”

True. It hurts to admit, but she is right.

Why is my mind trapped into that absurdly gorgeous man’s spell? And why does my treacherous body yearn for his touch?

I try to ignore the hot electrifying tingles forming in the lower part of my abdomen as I recall his skilled hands, his stone hard chest, his spellbinding eyes… Argh!!!

‘Snap out of it, Allaya! Focus on Landon, he was your knight in shiny armor! Or do you perhaps have a thing for cheating bastards?’ I silently reprimand myself.

Another friend of ours, Amiera, joins us and it takes a ten minutes drive to reach the exact location where I had my heart ripped from my chest and stabbed with a million knives just one week ago.

If the reason behind choosing this club filled with dire memories was the foolish hope of meeting someone in particular, it would remain my little secret.

Anxiety courses through my veins as we step inside, but it goes away in a couple of minutes. There’s this thing I can’t explain about loud places, they always make me feel so alive. The voice in my head stops teasing me and I can completely relax, not considering myself on the verge of craziness as I did in the past few months is an undeniable triumph.

Tonight, more than ever, I want to immerse myself into my own little world, the dance ring is the only option to let myself be free, I just want to release all the built in energy.

Yet this night is different, the club atmosphere is slightly bizarre, but in a pleasant manner, the air is tainted with a powerful energy, I can sense it all the way through my bones. Shivers are coming down my spine in waves, making my heart race ecstatically in anticipation, if it makes any sense.

In anticipation of what?

I must have finally lost it, my sanity.

Nevertheless, there is something that bothers me, I feel as though someone is watching me, the belief that the man who for me is near is consuming my thoughts, in fact I sense that he is really close, every cell in my body is yearning to meet him, the one.

I know it sounds ridiculous, not to mention, implausible.

But then why does it feel so real?

‘You think too much, Allaya, just dance, do not let your mind play tricks on you!’

~~~ Hayden ~~~

I’m not into clubs, but I raided every single one in town for the last few days, hoping I will encounter the woman that caught my attention last week. It was futile, she did not show up. Growing impatiently day by day, I almost felt the urge to start searching for her on the streets.

It’s not in my nature to give up, so tonight I’m at my cousin’s new club, the same one where I’ve met her the first time.

My eyes scan the crowd erratically, my beast is unsettled and it’s driving my impatience to skyrocket, I feel it all the way to my bones.

I never shape-shifted nor communicated with my wolf, yet ever since I set eyes on that girl, he is restless inside. I can almost taste his eagerness to come to the surface and take the lead.

Without any warning whatsoever, her intoxicating scent hits my nostrils, I inhale it like a drowning man in search of oxygen. It’s addictive, just like a fucking drug.

I search the room with my eyes, and suddenly, the place turns misty, and she’s the only light I distinguish in a space cramped with shadows, the only one that shines as bright as diamonds.

What sorcery is this?

I close my eyes and open them again, trying to blink away whatever sort of illusion has gotten into me. Everything is back to normal.

She is dancing as if she doesn’t give a damn about a thing, her sexual energy is spreading all over the place.

Why is she wearing such a short skirt? All men are staring at her, their lustful desire makes this air fucking hard to breath.

Closing my eyes, I imagine ripping their fucking bodies one by one, to make this stop. Picturing it alone is utterly satisfying, I smile and then shake my head trying to get rid of the image in my head.

The way she sways her alluring body makes everyone crazy, I’ve wanted to feel her so badly, but now I just want her out of here, I’d fucking lock her in my room and keep her there forever.

Could she really be my mate?

I’ve heard fucking stories that some werewolves imprinted on humans, but I never before believed they were real. I regarded them as made-up tales for if they are true, it would really cause trouble with my Alpha King status. Not just that, it could also be fatal.

Soon I’ll know for sure, my 21st birthday is in two weeks, but I already suspect she is, as I can barely control my own body.

“What’s with the murderous glare?” Landon gives me an amused look.

“What? Nothing. I’m fine.”

“If you say so.”

Should I discuss it with my cousin? A second opinion on what I experience would not harm.

I don't even finish my inner debate, he pats my shoulder and smirks. “I have to go. Allaya is here.”

Before I have the chance to respond, I watch him walk to where the girl that has my wolf enchanted is dancing.


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