Chapter 8 - Beautiful Beast

~~~ Allaya ~~~

Big blue eyes and dark black fur, almost beautiful, if not for those fangs and for the fact that I’ll probably die in the next seconds.

The beautiful beast seems disturbingly familiar, it’s something in the way he looks at me that strains me. I must be losing my mind, but I see a sort of warmth shining in his dark storming gaze.

‘Of course, you’re the food here, Allaya, he probably thinks that you’re delicious!’

I close my eyes as I collapse on the ground, I hope this will end quickly, I already feel my energy draining from the fear.





My heart is threatening to make a hole in my chest to jump out of it.

Seconds pass and nothing happens. I feel a human touch on my arm, I open my eyes even more scared and I see… L-Landon.

Landon is standing between the huge wolf and me, his body shielding mine.

The shock or the heat of the moment helps the strength return to my body, my protective instincts reaching skyrocket. Adrenaline overflows me, I grab Landon’s wrist and pull him behind me.

My gesture dumfounded him, I’m fucking amazed by my behavior too.

Why did I do this?

I can’t fight the huge wolf…

Or can I?


The hefty magnificent creature stares at me without making a move, somehow astonished too, his eyes of some sort of sorrowful tint. He glances at us a bit more and vanishes into the deep woods, not before howling again, sounding as if it was in some kind of pain.

The echo of his last growl triggered my empathy in ways I’m not able to explain.

I don’t know how to put it into words, but I have the sensation that I know him, that we’ve met before, that I care deeply about him.

How can I know that massive wolf? It’s the first time that I see one in my life, isn’t it?

Maybe this is another one of my nightmares? No, this is very much real.

“Are you okay?” I ask Landon, my eyes scanning him, checking if he is still in one piece.

“Are you asking me if I’m okay?” He inquires, raising a brow in bewilderment, I might say he even feels outraged. “I’m just fine!” Then he narrows his eyes at me. “How are you? Are you fine?”

I nod as ‘yes’, then raise my hand to stop him from talking, turn my back to him and vomit my guts out.

“Now I’m better and if you don’t mind, I’d like to go home!” I declare, not waiting for a reply.

He motions me to lead the way, following behind, probably to ensure that I am really in good shape.

My body is still trembling, images from the encounter with the wolf are replaying in my mind all the way to my house. I can’t seem to get out of my mind that sensation of familiarity, must be those freaking nightmares that make me flip out.

~~~ Landon ~~~

I caught Allaya’s scent immediately. My werewolf senses develop day by day, until it will peak on my 21th birthday.

She is running like crazy, at a very fast speed, almost inhuman. Is she doing some sort of self-punishment?

For a second, it crosses my mind that I can’t even keep up with her. Nonsense, no human would ever match a werewolf, moreover to outrun one.

She is bloody hot in her workout pants, I can almost discern every feature of her frail body, deliciously sweaty. My heart is pounding like crazy, but I’m still debating if to stay or to go to her.

Today is Hayden’s birthday, and I’m positive he likes her, he has never approached a girl before, they are usually the ones that make the first step to the Alpha Prince, future King.

Goddamn it, I saw Allaya first, I talked to her first so I can call dibs on her, no?

No, she’s not a mere object so I’m still hesitating.

Out of thin air, another presence overflows my senses, making me vigilant.

A werewolf.

One I’ve never encountered before, I’m familiar with all the five packs in our region.

Oh Goddess, she is in danger!

I use all my strength to run towards her, she collapses before my eyes and I can’t stop a painful moan coming out my chest. I place my body as a shield, without giving it a second thought, but I already know that I'm no match to a werewolf in my human form and I have not yet shifted, it will happen in about six months.

A few seconds later, she grabs my hand and pulls me behind her with an inhuman strength, the shock making me motionless for a minute and the werewolf somehow decides to leave.

But that is not all, even more outrageously, she asks if I am okay.

Like really?

What the fuck!

Was I the frail one that needed protection?

She soon starts vomiting and a desire to protect her takes over me. Never have I experienced such a warm feeling inside, I walk her home, make sure she is fine and also stay alert in case the werewolf decides to show up again.

 ~~~ Xander ~~~

I’m scared that the day when I won’t be able to protect my dear daughter, Allaya, is getting close. My heart is torn to shreds, I am troubled to the bones as I fear that something can go wrong tonight.

When I adopted her, I didn’t think I'd be able to love her the way I do now, not after all the damage she caused my real family.

But I was wrong. So wrong.

Allaya is not the villain in my story, she is also a victim.

Her smile could brighten a whole town and when she’d set her mind on something, her energy would draw everybody in like a magnetic force.

“Xander, I’m really afraid. Do we really have to go?”

“Aurora, we need to be there, you’ve always known this day will come, I have never hidden things from you. She is bound to meet her fate, sooner or later! And she will be fine, she’s strong!” I try to comfort my wife.

“I always hoped that later! Do something about it, don’t you care at all?” She whispers, I can barely hear her voice.

“I don’t like this more than you, but we cannot avoid it, I need to do my part, it would be suspicious if I refuse. Do you really want that to happen?”

Hit by the amount of pain inflicted in my voice, she turns her face towards me.

“Oh, Xander, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to… But she’ll always be my little girl!” She cries her eyes out. “Elena left me, I only have Allaya now!”

“I know, love, I know… Mine too! You know, nothing might happen today! The spell is still strong.”

“But he might see her… recognize her…”

“Love, I can’t stand to see you like this, it breaks my heart! Please… go take a shower! Allaya should come soon. It might go well, why worry for nothing?”

My eyes continue to follow her form until she enters the bathroom.

If I were to admit, I’m more frightened than her.

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