Chapter 9 - Mate

~~~ Hayden ~~~


That was the first thought that crossed my mind as I opened my eyes this morning, my 21th birthday morning, just before my body was invaded by emotions and needs I was not aware that I can be blessed with until that right moment, when everything became fucking crystal clear.

How the fuck is even possible for Allaya to be my mate?

I’ve been suspecting this since the moment I’ve set my eyes on her, but still, how the fuck did this happen?

There is a rule against it and I’m not even concerned for my Alpha status, if this information reaches the wrong people, my mate will be in great danger. The Head of the Council is waiting patiently for an opportunity to strike me and my close ones.

She might even get killed, I have to hide it as if our lives depend on it for our lives do depend on it.

But it’s not a fucking easy task, it’s required for the true Alpha to introduce his mate at the Alpha Ceremony, the celebration is one month from now and that’s the event when I’ll take my father’s place officially, members from the Council will be present too.

Fucking complicated what the future has in store for us, my wolf is restless and so I am.

Not to mention that my mate is my pack’s Luna, an essential part of the pack and I don’t even want to think of the possibility they’ll reject a basic human in this role. The problems that would emerge from there might be mortifying, but I won’t wrap my mind on this unless it’s called for.

And as if those alone wouldn’t be enough, the mating bond is a pulling power that radiates through every pore of your body. It’s not something that you can fucking repress easily.

Though I’ve just heard stories until now, I’ve never imagined that the craving to embrace her is so fucking consuming, she is the woman I will worship for the rest of my life. Love, protect and be a whole person only beside her, die if she dies for she is the greatest gift that the Moon Goddess prepared for me, my Allaya.

‘Why are you so worried? I went through your memories, our mate is perfect. Fuck the Council, we’ll protect her!’ Maddox, my wolf, is rather impatient to feel her in his arms and so am I.

We are fervently pacing the room, making holes in the floor, trying to decide what to do next.

‘Even if she doesn’t have a wolf? Would you be satisfied with that?’ I challenge the beast, and for the first time today, he is quiet, pondering on my words.

‘There is something special about her. I should not have felt the mate bond before you turned 21, but I did, and so did you.’

I rub my chin, Maddox is right. There was something weird about her from the start. I did not forget about that frozen room or her eyes flashing purple for a few seconds.

“Alpha, can you come outside for a bit?” Liam, my trusted beta mind linked me and it was weird to hear his voice inside my head.

Up until today, my 21st birthday, I could mind link only my family members. From the moment my wolf awakened, that changed. Now I’m able to reach everyone at age from my pack and the other packs as well, as I'm to be their king.

“In a minute.” I replied.

What does he want?

Whatever it is, maybe it will take my head off from all this bullshit.

“You know that girl, Allaya…” He starts and I ardently absorb all the words that come out of his mouth. “I’ve received word that she’s invited to your party tonight.”

“How?” I inquired, dazed.

The rest of the words stuck in my throat, it’s not out of the ordinary for my mother to invite the whole bloody planet to a party.

“I don’t know much about it, just that she and her family will attend.”

Out of thin air, my thoughts vanished from my brain as the beast took control over me, my bones snapping, popping through the skin and back, molding into the shape of a wolf.

I’ve shape-shifted for the first time, a pitch-black massive wolf took the place of my human body. The process made me dizzy, I’ve been warned about it countless times, some may even pass out, others may not be able to walk or stand.

The urge to claim her empowered me fully, I could not wait a minute longer, the thirst to find her is devouring me.

“Alpha” Liam utters, his tone surprised. ”H-how do you feel?” His eyes explored me for it’s his first time seeing my wolf, the wolf of his alpha.

He is older than me, he shifted two years ago and we made fun of him for a whole month, he was such a klutz that he fainted.

“Perfect.” I declare, just before I let the beast loose to run wildly, he has been unsteady, dying to take the lead.

Running from one place to another, the wind blowing my fur and the fresh scent of nature are shuffling a freedom sensation through my entire being.

Finally catching Allaya’s delicious scent in the woods from the southern neighborhood, near her home, I felt my wolf relaxing for a split second, until he started rushing as if there is no tomorrow without her presence.

At the mere sight of me, she collapsed, I mutter a string of curses at myself, of course my wolf form terrified her, why was I so fucking stupid?

Why did I not think this through?

The shooting pain on her face is making both me and Maddox feel like tortured, she is shaking in fright because of our foolishness.

Her eyes widened in distress drove my wolf to cramp in agony, the anguish inflicted on me at this picture is only surpassed by the anger of watching Landon crashing his body in shielding her.

What the fuck is he doing with her?

How the fuck is that every time I look for her, he’s there and I’m always a step behind?

I stiffened at the next image, Landon touching her arm. No one, no one other than me can ever lay a hand on her for she is mine, mine alone.

Her next actions only enhanced the compulsive need to tear him apart. She got up and confronted me, protecting him.

Rage coming in waves through every bone on my body, I barely managed to contain it, growling in misery, I leave the woods, running like I would run for my life, the need to burn out the steam is eating me alive.

It was not soon when I got tired, I stopped only when I’ve spent the last drop of energy and I felt I could not take another step, only then I went home to take some rest and prepare for the party.

Come to think again, a part of me is happy because she was brave enough to stand up to a wolf, and even if it hurts my pride to admit it, Landon protecting her in his human form was also gutsy.  I didn’t think he was capable of it and I truly hope he has no other feelings for her, that will mean war between the two of us. I shake this thought out of my head for now.

‘Tonight, she will not escape from us!’ Maddox states confidently and I could not agree more.

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