Chapter 12 - Climax

~~~ Hayden ~~~

The mating bond means more than being physically attracted to your mate to the point of experiencing the constant compulsive urge to be intimate. 

I would be lying if I said that my wolf doesn’t scream to claim her and mark her right this instant, but that’s not all of it. The mating bond is something more precious, your mate holds a special scent that only you can perceive. My Allaya smells like rich dark chocolate and mint, the most delicious fragrance in this world for me is hers.

More than the need to make love in the most heavenly ways and more than the scent, the bond makes us sensitive to our mate’s feelings, we can practically feel their emotions as if they were ours.

She is not aware that I’ve registered her presence the exact moment she entered the doors of my castle without actually seeing her. I detected in her sensations impatience at first, followed immediately by pain, excruciating pain more precisely, whatever the cause was, I’d find out and fix it.

Therefore, after she left the ballroom, a thing that I did not expect, I tracked her sweet fragrance to the hidden chamber. I don't know exactly how she even discovered this particular room, it’s not within the reach to say so.

Well, this is not the point now, but the fact that she experiences an abundance of mixed feelings right now that even my wolf can’t keep up. Anger, jealousy, sexual desire among many others, I barely can control my beast not to possess her entirely, soothe both her body and her mind.

But did she just fucking dare to mention Landon while looking at me with those black cold eyes? I spotted her with him in the club when we met, in the forest this morning and in the garden a bit earlier.

Say that again, she came to my birthday party for him?

She is crossing the line this time, I may not be able to tame the beast any longer.

Is there really something going on between the two of them?

I couldn’t fucking stand the thought that she could like anyone beside me!

No one can have her, fucking no one!

 ~~~ Allaya ~~~

I was heading out when he trapped me in his muscular arms, hugging me from behind. 

My mind suddenly went blank, my brain cells shutting down and my resolve threatened to falter as I felt his powerful body pressed to mine. 

“You are going nowhere until we talk!” He whispers in my ear, his low, yet demanding tone sounding like sensual music.

In a flash, he inflamed the need to be touched in that sensitive spot, my core. I want him to do wicked things to my body, I want him like I never wanted something in my entire life. 

This cannot be happening, I will not allow it, he will not use me to betray that poor girl.

“Let me out now or I’ll scream!” I threaten, my intonation steady for I gathered all my forces.

Though I didn’t think it would be that easy, he caved in and released me from the embrace. Why do I feel disappointed now?

‘Allaya, get a grip!’

But it’s not over. Out of thin air, he grabs me by the wrist and backs me to the wall, with my face facing his and his vigorous body jammed against my frail figure. 

Without giving me a window of opportunity to react, he wraps his arms around my waist, pushing it even tighter to the wall, then he gazes into my eyes as if to prove something.

Unable to read his next move, I am angered at myself for feeling attracted to such a brute. But when one of the brute’s fingers begins to gently trace my nose and then my lips, I unconsciously part them away like charmed.

“Are you sure that you came to this party for Landon?” He asks already knowing damn well the answer, I did a lousy job in hiding the truth. “I fucking doubt that, it seems to me that you have warmed up like any other woman in the arms of a man, not any man, a man she desires with all her heart, a man she would make love to until the end of the world, a man she would taste with lustful greed. Do you still deny it?” He whispers, his breath caressing the back of my neck, making me all hot and bothered.

“Let go of me!” I begin to struggle, but I am no match for him. “Let me go, Hayden, what if Arianna comes in?” I am not thinking straight anymore, I just want… 

I don’t even know what I want anymore.

“Ohhh! How curious that in a stressful situation, if we can call it this way, people can cure from amnesia! So you do remember me and you also know my name! Do you also admit that you feel so attracted to me that you would beg me to have you in this room?”

I’d love to wipe out that triumphant grin on his face, it makes me wanna slap him immediately, if not for the fact that I can’t break free from his tight grip.

I am helpless as I continue to fight in the arms of the man that makes every part of my body feel so alive. The more I struggle to break free, the tighter he’d hold me, I feel so pleasantly weak.

There’s a treacherous part of me that is delighted, I can pretend I do not want this and at the same time I’m enjoying it. My body no longer belongs to me, that is pretty much obvious.

I am aroused, too aroused for my own good.

 “You're a .... you're a ... I have no words to describe your species!”

“Let me help you then! Firstly, I’m an alpha, a true alpha. And secondly, I know very well that you find me very attractive, every pore in that luscious body of yours shouts it!”

 ~~~ Hayden ~~~

It was true, the scent of her wet folds flattering my nostrils just became my nicotine, a fucking addictive drug to my wolf, the beast cannot take this anymore. It was already grueling to control Maddox before her arousal hit my senses, now it’s mission impossible.

‘Our mate is fucking perfect, I hope she accepts us!’

My eyes are trailing her exposed leg, fuck, how I would love to make love to her right here, right now instead of fighting for whatever unknown stupid reason, to hover my lips all over her fervent body until there is no place left that doesn’t know how is to be kissed by Hayden Kingston.

There is hot lust glowing in her eyes, I cup her face into my hands and tenderly lean my head until my lips are melting into her full lips that crave to be devoured. I succumb to the temptation and suck her lower lip until she moans with pleasure, providing me the perfect occasion to slip my tongue and explore her mouth entirely.

Time slows down as our lips collide into a flaming dance, but this is not enough, my cock is painfully pulsating against my pants. I want more, I need more or I’ll grow fucking insane.

I linger my right hand on her exposed leg slowly inching from her inner tight to her core. Cupping her soaking panties, I rub her clit through the lacey material.

Fuck, so wet that it’s driving me crazy!

I trail her neck with my lips, fighting the overwhelming urge of letting my teeth elongate and claiming her as my mate. 

No, this is not the moment. 

Instead, I want to offer her mind-blowing pleasure. I spread her legs and get on my knees. Then I pull down her panties, her body becoming tense for a few seconds.

“You’re gonna enjoy this, I promise!” My last words before going down on her.

For Heaven’s sake, she tastes so good! I lick her core with a hunger that is dying to be satiated, slowly inserting a finger inside. She’s so fucking tight, is she a virgin? 

I take a brief pause and stare at the beautiful woman in front of me, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are dreamy, looking like a fucking enchantress that has got me wrapped around her little finger. 

“Don’t … don’t stop!” She pleads through moans. 

“Don’t stop what?” I tease her.

“Don’t stop what you are doing. Please, finish it, Hayden!”

“Your wish is my command!”

I continue licking her pussy as I insert a finger in and out and in and out of her, until I feel her inner walls contracting, a sign that her climax hit.

“Oh, God, that felt so good!”

“I told you that you’re going to enjoy it!” I smirk, and she starts blinking nervously while glancing into my eyes with a tint of anxiety and shame, and before I realize, she storms out the door, her head now clear after the orgasm she experienced.

I can’t say that I don’t feel hurt, yet the fragrance she leaves behind compliments my senses, I close my eyes and inhale it. Not exactly what I had in mind, but fine, I adore the hunt, it makes everything more captivating.

‘Why did you allow her to leave us?’ Maddox is whining in my head, until a few moments ago, he was purring like a fucking cat. ‘I want her to bear our mark, for everybody to know that she belongs to us!’

‘And what was I supposed to do, force her to stay?’

‘Not force her, convince her.’ His voice laces with a mix of anger and disappointment. ‘You didn’t do anything, you’re fucking useless!’

Oh no, he didn’t dare! Nobody talked to me like this in my entire existence. ‘Do you think you could have done better?’

‘Obviously. I’ve read through your memories, you think highly of yourself, but I can see that you never had to lift a finger to get a girl. Your royal status did everything for you.’ 

‘What?’ My blood is boiling with rage, though I know he has a point. ‘So I should have scared her the way you did this morning?’ 

Maddox uttered a string of curses before deciding to retire somewhere in the back of my head.

‘Now you’re quiet, no?’

Then out of nowhere, he grows vigilant, my body stiffening in response. A red flag is rising in my mind, my senses are on high alert. 

Did Allaya just escape the room in that direction, the direction to the Blood Ceremony?

How did she find this room in the first place?

She’s in great danger!


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