Chapter 13 - Of Wolves And Ceremonies

~~~ Allaya ~~~

The heavenly moment his lips crashed against mine triggered a sort of malfunction on my brain, their savory enticing flavor made me oblivious of my surroundings, made me ignore anyone and anything in this world, anyone except Hayden and my craving for the sweet forbidden fruit, craving to be loved by him in all kinds of gratifying ways.

Melting under his desirous regard, his eyes filled with ravishing lust did all sort of wild things to my body, I succumbed to the wicked compulsion and let myself be touched by him, forgetting for some moments that he belonged to somebody else, that he was not mine to take or kiss or love. 

Now, the hurt of accepting the rotten reality mixed with the guilt of allowing myself for a moment to be happy in his arms are eating me alive.

My figure is shaking from head to toe as I run from that place after I had my very first orgasm. 

I was no less responsible than him for what transpired betw

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