Chapter 14 - Magical

~~~ Hayden ~~~

Her scent still spread in the room, I was laying in the bed, my body relaxed and my mouth wide open in a silly grin thinking about how adorably innocent she is, how her flushed face and dreamy eyes got to me and enchanted Maddox. 

I must admit I was sad that she left me without a single word, but I was still dreaming about her luscious lips, fantasizing about how fucking sweet the rest of her body must be for I cannot wait to make heavenly love to her until the end of time, when out of nowhere, my wolf grew impatient, turning my body tense at the sudden realization that she took a wrong turn heading right towards the danger.

How the fuck did I not take that into account considering she even discovered this hidden chamber and only magical beings can find this place for it leads to the secret part of the castle, where we hold the rituals.

Without a second thought, I raced out the door, running straight to the Ceremony side of the mansion

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