Chapter 58 - To Forget

~~~ Hayden ~~~

My heart twisted in pain as I listened to every word, every cry that came straight out of her soul.

I cannot stand the sight of her being hurt. She is mourning, she has lost too many people at once. Alexis was her best friend and Elena was her sister. The latter is dead for her as well, I know that. And not to mention the crowd of people she tried to save without success, their blood is still smeared on her beautiful face.

My mate is shivering in my arms, holding on to me like there is no tomorrow and I cannot do a single thing to soothe her pain.

I inhale her heavenly scent, I don’t remember the last time I felt so fucking useless. I am angered at myself for the fact that she had to go through that alone.

“Let’s return to the castle, my love! We need to get you cleaned, then you have to eat something and rest.” I cup her face between my hands.

She stares at me with a lost look in her eyes that tugs at my heartstrings, and after a few seconds of consideration, she
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