Chapter 59 - Team

~~~ Allaya ~~~

It was difficult to close my eyes and sleep last night, but I dozed off at some point, Hayden is still in dreamland. He held me tight in his embrace all night long, as if he believed that if he let go, I would vanish into thin air and never come back to him.

I stir in his arms, trying to get up and take a shower, but he refuses to release me.

“Where do you think you are going?” He smiles softly, his gaze holding strong emotions.

A few strands of his messy bed hair are rebelling all over his face, the style suits him, he is more handsome than ever. I set them aside with my fingers, and plant a small kiss on his forehead.

“I love you!” I whisper more to myself. “So much that I would have never imagined one could love another person!”

He cups my face into his hands, locking his spellbinding eyes with mine. “Then you know exactly how I feel every time I look at you, every time we touch, or when we are apart and my heart still beats only for you! It will always beat only for
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