Chapter 62 - His Backup Plan

~~~ Allaya ~~~

I cannot believe it’s over.

The ones that witnessed that devil’s confession will spread the word throughout the magical world, and every supernatural will be aware that mating outside the species is not a sin, but a wonderful union ordained by the deities.

Everyone left for their homes, only my mate and I remained behind.

“Let’s renovate!” I find myself saying after taking a look at the terrifying decorated room.

I want to put everything behind. I want to rebuild not only the relationship between the Council and the magical beings, but also the foundation, the castle.


It might be symbolic, but I want to make this place a friendly one.

Hayden quirks a brow at me as if I grew another head all of a sudden. “This is what your mind is wrapped on now?”

I chuckle. “Look around! It’s hideous! Does this look like a Council created for peace?”

His eyes study the room with interest. “You do have a point, my lovely mate!”

“I know, right?” I wink playfully. “In my mo
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