Chapter 64 - The Poison

~~~ Allaya ~~~

I snuggle in his arms, enjoying the feeling of Hayden’s naked skin against mine. We made love over and over again, after our little discussion about who should be the Alpha King. I’m aware he is still thorned about that, but pleasuring him seemed to have done the trick, at least for the moment.

“A werewolf pregnancy is three months long.” He whispers, sucking the skin on my neck.

My heartbeats are quickening. “W-why are you telling me that?” I push him aside with more strength than I meant to, slamming him into the wall.

He chuckles. “Easy, tiger! Why do you want to break my bones?”

“Sorry!” I show him the power of my puppy’s eyes, and it works.

“I meant, whenever you feel ready, I would love to have a small version of you.”

I confess that his words took me by surprise. The blood rushes to my cheeks, they are burning and I’m sure I look like a tomato.

“Y-you can’t know how much a hybrid pregnancy would take.”

Really, Allaya? THAT was your comeback line? You might h
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