Chapter 65 (Last Chapter) - Secret

~~~ Hayden ~~~

Watching her sleep next to me seems like living a dream, a part of me still thinks that it’s too good to be real.

I lean and gently hover my lips over my mark below her ear, with care not to wake her up, she will make a fuss if I do that.

‘I thought she was gonna eat us alive the last time we interrupted her sleep!’ Maddox’s tone is playful, but what he says it’s no joke.

‘I know, right? She’s dangerous!’ I smile.

I love her.

I adore her.

She is everything I always wanted and more. She came into my life and turned my world upside down.

She has that kind of beauty that would make me start a war if someone would dare take her away from me. Every touch of her lips feels like magic bliss, gazing into her deep eyes gives me the impression that I’ve reached heaven.

She is my better half, my Allaya.

It’s been over a month since that abominable monster was sentenced to Eternal Sleep and her sister died.

I know that even though Elena did horrible things, Allaya still suffere
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Samantha Ohren
I'm sad it ended. A lovely story! I really enjoyed this book
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