Chapter 10

Two years later . . . 

I packed up my things one more time, putting the Book of the Damned into my satchel along with some spare clothes that I’d brought with me when I’d left the packhouse two years ago. My wolf truly hadn’t come out ever since the first time I’d shifted which helped me a lot in covering the fact that I was half a wolf and half a sorceress. Thank goodness none of the witches, warlocks, and faes had a super smell either. I’d managed to find a sorceress named Deidre who taught me a lot about runes, spells, potions, and charms. She was the only person around here who knew that I had the Book of the Damned in my possession and did not want to steal it. She’d even warned me about how dangerous it was and to use it with extra caution. 

I slung the strap on my shoulder and looked up to meet Deidre’s blue eyes. “Do you think I’m r

Agatha Rose

If you recall, Tiffany is Javier Summer’s (Taming The Wild CEO) mother. Please leave a review and comments. I’ll reply to each of them personally. Thanks a million!

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goodnovel comment avatar
Fascinating connection. No mention of Javier ever having werewolf lineage. Btw, do the children know about their DNA? ;-)

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