Chapter 34

Fortunately, there was no hiccup in our journey back to the North. The weather seemed to be in our favor as well which was a blessing really since England’s sky could have the most horrific weather possible. I hadn’t informed Dmitry or Trish or Miles simply because I wanted it to be a surprise. I parked my motorcycle in front of the packhouse and took off my helmet. I swung my leg and stood by my bike as I waited for the boys.

Ryker’s car came to view and he parked right next to my bike. Eros’s black sports car joined us a mere seconds later. They both got out of the car but only Ryker was following me to the porch. I turned around and eyed my best friend, feeling rather confused. “Er, are you not coming with us inside?”

He shook his head, still dangling around his car. I turned to Ryker. “You go in first. I’ll talk to him before joining you in a wee bit.”

Ryker gave me a pat on the shoulder. “Wish me luck. I hope they would let me speak first before jumping on me or shooting me
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Typo issues. The repeated sections should have bn caught by editing.
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What’s with the repeat??
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Starting from this chapter all chapters thereafter repeat previous chapters in the book

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