Announcement Chapter (30 April 2022)

Dear Gentle Readers, 

How art thou? I am mostly exhausted right now. But it is totally worth it. Can you believe that this story has finally come to an end? I would like to say a massive thank you for the support that you all have given to this book and other books. Your love and support have always been the key success of this story. Reading your comments, your reviews, and your anticipation for the next chapters have driven me to write and complete these two books: Taming The Wild Alpha and Mad Wolf. 

It is certainly possible that I will write another book to this “supposedly-duo-logy” and turned it into a “trilogy” instead (I dare say that I am most tempted to do it now, to be honest). After all, even though this book has no massive readership amount like my other book (aka Taming The Wild CEO), I interact more with all of you here in the comment section of this book and also on social media (I still get excited like a kid on Christmas morning every time I get a direct message from a reader).

Anyway, I have tons of drafts right now, stories that I want to write. And most importantly, I truly want to win a contest here. I am thinking of perhaps joining the Genre Carnival contest although I need to have at least 300K reads or even one million reads to win (I am still a long way from that). 

But here is hoping! So I wish to share with you some of the stories that I wish to work on and polish up for this contest. Please let me know which one you would like to read the most in the comment section. I will ONLY publish 1 story at a time (unless there are 48 hours in a day). The story that gets the most votes from you will be published and updated for FREE during the month of May 2022 (how to read free books in the Good Novel app will be explained down, down below).

Here are the titles and the blurbs. Please leave a comment on which title you’d like to read the most and why. 

“The Summers Series” - steamy, billionaire love stories ( there are mafia - billionaire as well )

#1 Viva Lust Vegas (Tiffany Summers’s story). Tiffany Cromwell was born into one of the oldest families in Britain and led a proper life. Until one day, she decided to go to Las Vegas and enjoy a bit of freedom before she had to go back to England and marry her soulmate — someone who would accept her despite her current situation. What she failed to foresee was that she would end up waking up in a bed with a sexy stranger. Imagine her surprise when the said stranger claimed to be her husband. Upon the death of his little sister, Cedric Summers gave the life his middle finger and flew to Vegas where he would drown his sorrows in sex and booze. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Well, not when it comes to marriage, apparently. And things certainly get more complicated when Tiffany’s (werewolf) mate shows up in the middle of these two. 

#2 Once Upon A Lap Dance (Ros Summers’s story). Ros Summers was the second oldest of the Summers’ siblings and unlike his oldest brother, Thornton, who had to settle down and get married, he wished to remain a bachelor forever. And since he was high on the moral side and was an old-fashioned bloke, he certainly wouldn’t have any meaningless sexual relationships either. No lady of any kind would be tempting enough for him to form a relationship. Not until he had his first lap dance and boy, there was nothing he wanted more than to touch her which evidently was against the rule of lap dancing! 

#5 In Bed With The Wrong Brother (Draven Summers & Hélène) What happens when you woke up one day and realized that you actually have slept with the wrong brother? Hélène d’aureville has always been in love with Declan Summers all of her life since the day he bravely saved her from her bullies and said that “Carrot-head is cute”. Even though he only ever regarded her as a loyal friend, Hélène could not help but love him from afar, or to be exact, from the friend zone. One day, Declan was missing and a few years later, she stumbled upon him in a club and ended up spending a restless but passionate night with him. However, her fairytale soon turned into a nightmare when she found out that she didn’t spend the night with the sweet and kind Declan Summers. Instead, she’d been with his egotistical, playboy, bad-boy-for-life twin brother, Draven Summers, whom she hated with a burning passion. When one night wasn’t enough, it soon led to another. Until one day, Draven realized that he didn’t want her to ever leave his bed again.

#6 Fuck You and All of Your Bullshits / Dark Pretenses (Clarabelle Summers & Dean Westminster) He slid his thumb across her jaw, leaving a warm trail across her skin as he tilted her face up. “This can’t happen, Dean.” She meant to take another step back but somehow she swayed closer.

“What?” he asked, although he knew exactly what she was referring to. He lowered his face and brushed his lips across hers. “This?” Again, his voice always did things that made her lose control, things that she couldn’t believe herself.

The soft, moist brush of his mouth closed on her throat and curled her toes. She couldn’t swallow or breathe or think beyond the consuming desire for more. She stood perfectly still, afraid to move. Afraid of what she’d do, but mostly afraid he’d stop. °°°°°°° Clara Summers was tired of all the bullshits guys were using to get into her pants. She tasted it and decided she had enough of heartbreaks. Until one day, she had a one-night-stand with a man who turned out to be a decent guy. They started dating and things were great until he introduced her to his best friend, Dean Westminster. Years ago, during college, Clara had met Dean, the resident bad boy, and notorious player. They’d hooked up a couple of times. He was her first. He’d taught her everything she knew when it came to sex. Annoyed when she pretended to not recognize him at all, Dean was determined to get her back at all costs, even at the risk of losing his own heart. 

#7 Sir, I Think The Chef is Cooking Naked (Maxon Summers) What would you do when you accidentally caught the head chef still in the kitchen after office hours? Greet him. What if he is stark naked and currently cooking a meal? Turn around, pretend it never happened. But what if he caught you staring? Run like hell. 

A.R. Were World Series” ~

THE WOLF PRINCE (Prince Dmitry Vashkov II’s story)

Vasilisa is taken from her pack by the Royal Protectors along with seven other girls from different packs to be presented to their once missing prince, Prince Dmitry Vashkov II. All she wants is to be a wallflower, stay in the background and have the Prince send her home out of boredom. What she doesn’t expect is to kiss a handsome stranger while trying to sneak out of the palace one night and find out the next morning that the handsome stranger is none other than the Wolf Prince himself. At the same time, there is a prophecy going about the extinction of the werewolf species, and the Prince’s mate is believed to be either the Savior or their Destroyer. Clearly, Lissa has a lot more to handle than resisting the irresistible charm of one Dmitry Vashkov, a man who’s flat and emotionless on the surface but hot and passionate in bed. Contains sexual scenes, display of violence, and usage of profanity. Suitable for 18 years old and above. 

LONE WOLF (Eros Adler’s story)

Mafia Werewolf. Eros Adler dreamed to be a mystery writer despite being born into a mafia-werewolf pack, The Erebus. Driven by guilt, he threw away his dream and pledged his life to being an assassin. Until one day, he head given one job to kidnap the daughter of rival pack’s Alpha and inevitably falls in love with her. Does love indeed conquer all? 

* How to read FREE books since they are not shown on the Good Novel Application? *

Here is a step by step way of reading those books:

1. Open on your browser and login into your account.

2. Search for Agatha Rose or those titles — i.e. “Agatha Rose In Bed With The Wrong Brother”

3. Add the book you would like to read to your Library.

4. Re-open your GoodNovel Application on your device.

5. The books you have added should be in your Application Library.

By the way, I haven’t gotten around to picking a name for Ros’s and Maxon’s love interests. If any of you would like to volunteer your name or have a name that you’d like to see being Ros’s / Maxon’s love interest, please let me know in the comments. P.S. I might need her stripper name too for Ros’s love interest! 

Yours truly,


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Agatha Arose
Pardon? Is there something amiss with this chapter at your end? I hope it’s fixed now
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Thank you!
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Agatha Arose
It should be up on application too now

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