Chapter 65

Priamos' Point of View

The cold bit into my skin. Pumped ice through my veins. Blackness had somehow seeped in right after I turned. Well, was forced to turn by Nerezza's palpable fear. Something was wrong. Missing. I needed to get to her. Get out of this frozen landscape. She was alone in this world and from that incapacitating feeling, I knew she needed me.

Even though the freezing cold surrounded me, there was a warmth at my side. I turned to look at my left flank. Noticed the tiny head still draped over me. Puffs of air took form around the nostrils. Shallow but there.

The fawn from earlier.

I angled my head upward and noticed the frozen blood from the mother just above me. The sun was slowly creeping back over the horizon. Made the ice and snow glitter around me. It did nothing to curb the cold. Or even make a dent in it. Exhaling, I tried to sit up but the fawn stirred and I stopped. Spooking it would result in a large headache for me.

I had to get back. But I couldn't leave hi
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