Chapter 66

Nerezza's Point of View

We went back to the house. Solemn and silent. I had confessed something to them that I shouldn't have. A secret of mine so deep that I had long since kept it hidden. Even from myself. There was no doubt in my mind that they would ask questions about it later on. Bombard me until I gave in and told them everything.

How exhausted I was. How I wanted to flee the palace. I didn't want to marry Reginald. Hell, I barely liked him anymore. His sweet sentiment of yesterday was just that. A sweet sentiment. Nothing more. Nothing less. Because I couldn't turn a blind eye to what he was now tolerating. What he was doing with his son.

Our people deserved more. Needed more. That was the reason I kept doing what I should. Paved the way forward, even though my bones shivered from exhaustion. They needed more than this. More than this life. No one would ever give it to them, except for me.

Phaedra had her own agenda. Given the chance, I knew she would send them all burning as
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