Chapter 67

Nerezza's Point of View

Our lips danced together. Sparked and bit. Lysander bit down on my bottom lip. Pulled it until pain twinged itself into my body. Slithered down to my wettening cunt. I ground against him. Begged for more friction between us.

Amadeus' lips trailed over my shoulders. Licked and nipped at the exposed skin. Goosebumps rose wherever he kissed. Trailed his tongue. I imagined that skilled tongue between my legs. Felt it move. I had closed my eyes, savoring the sensation.

Until Alastair plunged his hand into my hair at the base of my neck. He pulled. My scalp screamed and I moaned as my lips were ripped away from Lysander. Settling for my neck, Lysander kissed the base of my throat. Bit down on the soft breast just below him.

Alastair kept pulling. Planted his lips over my ear. Sucked the tender flesh. Bit the side of my neck. All of their advances left my chest heaving. Left my body needing more. I increased my pace between us. Willed them to take it all off. Bare me
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D Brown
Whoa. That was unexpected.

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