Chapter 70

Nerezza's Point of View

I had barely slipped into the palace before the summons came. Reginald wanted to see me. It was late. Darkness filled most of the halls. Staff had gone home or settled into their quarters. He should have been asleep. Left me alone for the evening to tell Farren and Phaedra what had happened.

He had staged the proposal. There were no two ways about it. Every paper in Makatza would have my face on it tomorrow. Of course, the headlines would vary, but they would all mean the same thing. From rags to riches. The new queen of the werewolves. It made me sick to my stomach to think about it.

The scent of my mates had been washed off. Replaced by my new clothes. My body wash. Although, if I breathed deep enough, I could still trace them. Feel them. They had comforted me in my time of need. Told me that I was fine. That everything would turn out for the better in the end. Not that I was convinced. Especially seeing as Lysander had responded so horridly to the news.

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