Chapter 71

Nerezza's Point of View

Despite our argument last night, Reginald had sent Harold bright and early. Before I could speak to Farren and Phaedra. Before I could even gather my thoughts.

After last night's revelation, I was hesitant to follow through with whatever this was. Terrified that I might bind myself to this man for eternity. Because he seemed to care less and less for me with each passing day. I shared the sentiment but at least I hadn't pressured him into marrying me.

Something was missing. Unknown to me. I hated it. Hated to know that in this I was one step behind him. Sure, he wanted to keep me around when he passed away. But what stipulations came with that contract? What should I give up in return?

I knew what stance Phaedra would take in all of this. It would help our cause a great deal. Give me a solid foundation to build my case. If I was the queen before I overthrew Reggie, people (meaning the upper class of wolves) wouldn't be as enraged. Meaning I wouldn't have a civ
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